First time outdoor grower needs advice on nute.

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  1. Hi All first post and my first outdoor grow.

    I'm a bit concerned with one of my ladies. Both plants are next to each other so I assume more is going on then just the soil. Also both plants are flowering (I estimate about a week). I am having yellow and brown patches. I'm aware that some yellowing is normal, but I am now seeing it also on flower leaves, it's faint, but it's there.
    I hardly every water my plants as they have developed seriously deep roots. I do water them weekly with a NPK 3-6-6 mixture (orchid fertilizer) Here are some pictures. Maybe not relevant to mention, but the side that is show the most yellowing is on the North side.

    IMG_4792.jpg IMG_4787.jpg IMG_4793.jpg IMG_4788.jpg

    Any advice, would be much appreciated ;)

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