First time outdoor grower, need tips

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  1. Hey guys. I just ordered some Amnesia Kush seeds and I'm planning to grow my own buds. Right now the best I can do is to go guerilla and hide my plants somewhere. I think I found a good place, around a forest, I just need some tips to start, like what mistakes should I avoid? Also, how much gramms should I expect from 5 seeds if I start growing now?
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  2. you need to know what's in the soil to avoid problems...OR you find a good spot and go there and dig out the existing soil....and replace it with soil meant for something to read ph...and ec levels....get good quality nutrients from your local grow patient with seedlings would Veg inside under a lamp if possible then when it's big enough transplant to the pre-made hole say in a forest ? cannabis needs direct sunlight and forests usually don't have that...also the soil in alot of forests is acidic due to alot of dead plant matter on the surface....
    water only to start seeds and seedling stage ..

    AND keep us posted


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  3. Thanks man. Well, technically it's not in the forest, so direct sunlight shouldn't be a problem. It's also a wind protected place. I'm planning to visit a grow store some day too and buy the equipment. Can I put the seeds in my room until they start growing?
  4. put the seeds in your room? umm I don't know is your room underneath a substrate ideal for starting seeds.? I start seeds in small 1 inch rockwool cubes then transplant that cube to wherever..


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  5. Oh, alright. Maybe it sounded weird but I asked because the temperature and light. Do I need some kind of lamp for them? :D
  6. no man seeds need dark moist and warm 70F to 80F is fine.

    Lotta info on Google on how to pop seedsGFP

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  7. Thanks. I will keep you updated, after the seeds arrive. :)
  8. Have u gotten your seeds yet? Are they autos or photos? If autos ok.
    If not. It is late in the season in the northern hemisphere even if u had ready plants to put in the grounds for an outside grow. You have about 4 weeks to 6 at the out side when the plant will flip to flower.
    Around August 15th the sun will be about 14 hours a day with about 16 hours of total light in a day.
    You will have to Hussle to get it in.
    Good luck though. U can do it but dont expect much.

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