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  1. I posted this in the beginners section too, but I figured I could get some answers here.

    Okay, so I think I know a decent bit about growing and marijuana in general. I have a book by Mel Frank called "Marijuana Grower's Insider's Guide" . I've gone over basically everything and I think I know what I want to do with my 8 seeds. Of course I want the best grass possible, and I am growing them in the woods so I know not to get my hopes up too high, but I still believe it is possible for me to come out with at least some funk..

    I live in NC, not in the mountains or anything, so I have pretty much the most average weather possible.

    I plan on sticking my 8 seeds in one of the little 4x2 individual seed starters. I have a compartment in my room where I can stick them during the night where they will be completely undisturbed, and I plan to just sit them outside during the day until they sprout a little bit. Once the sprouts are big enough, I think I am going to put them in some peat pellets (Jiffy-7 is the brand recommended by Mel Frank in the book) and still continue my daily cycle of putting them in the compartment at night and sitting them outside during the day.

    The reason I am doing this is to get a week or two head start simply. I don't know if I can expect for 2 harvests this season but that would be awesome. But I simply just want to go ahead and get my stuff done ASAP and that's why I am starting them that way.

    Once they are too big to sit outside and not be obvious, I will transport them to some woods with my friend. We will place them in half-cut off milk cartons with 4 holes drilled in each corner of the bottom of the milk carton. I am not sure what type of soil I need to purchase, or what type of soil I need to mix, so that is one for sure question I have.

    I know I need to sit them in a spot in these woods where they will get plenty of evenly distributed sunlight, and I will probably end up putting 4 of them in one spot of the woods, and 4 in another. That is if they are all female, I'm not sure, they are just some super dank seeds and I know I can only hope for girls.

    Anything you guys can suggest? I'm a pretty decent expert with my buds but this is my first time growing and I had to go to my best friend the internet to find some help. Let me know what you guys think, thanks. Hopefully I didn't forget anything..
  2. In order to get a decent AMOUNT of bud, your gunna wanna go with some pots bigger than halved milk cartons. Growing in the woods is fine, as long as you have at LEAST 8 hours of direct sunlight a day. I've never had a problem with them, but I would look around on the forum for tips on those peat pellets. Unless your working with auto's your not gunna get two harvests this season, so dedicate your time to the biggest possible harvest you can in late September - mid October ( strain dependant). I'll be keeping an eye on your thread and I'm always happy to give help where it's needed. Good luck.
  3. You sir are the man, seem just like the kinda knowledgeable guy I can learn exactly what I need to with. Awesome man.

    At least 8 hours of even sunlight shouldn't be that hard to find in some woods though, if it is a little problem I'll just have to separate them around a little bit.

    I understand about you saying bigger pots, so thanks for telling me that. Since it's my first grow, quantity is a large factor, but I'll only smoke good bud, so I need that quality as well :smoke:
    I will definitely just go out and buy some larger pots, like a 10 inch deep, 8 inch diameter one seem pretty sufficient?

    I will look around this site for some tips with the peat pellets, the book I have just makes them seem so convenient so I kinda have my heart set on using them, easy transportation, everything.

    And since I've read a ton of shit about growing, I wasn't really expecting to get 2 crops, but I really wanted to try and see what I end up with haha. Practice makes perfect. If nothing else maybe I can find a home or two for the plants inside instead of having to kill them all .

    Thanks man, and anyone else who wants to help!
  4. Can a guy get some more advice?
    Think I decided on 20% perlite 80% fox farms ocean as my dirt!
    is 10 inch deep 8 inch radius pots big enough you think? I want to start my stuff soon but I'm not starting it until I have everything figured out.. so help me out guys!
  5. Those pots are still a little small. I'm using some 5 gallon buckets spray painted black (so no light gets to the roots). Fox Farms is a good choice for soil. I'm just checking, but you do know how to correctly germinate your seeds right?
  6. I know there are a billion different ways, but I was just planning on dropping a few in a cup with some water and letting them sprout out. If there is some expert way to do it then please inform me though, I'm all ears for any suggestions right now.. I have a good feel for basically everything I think, I just want the final opinions and stuff..

    I can get some 5 gallon buckets though. How much prize per plant do you guys think I will get? I know Indicas/Sativas go from about 1/2 oz up to 2 LBs full grown right? So I should probably expect around 3-4 oz's reward per plant if I'm trying to be realistic, right? And yes I know there are those special plants that will just flourish and give me like 2 pounds out of nowhere, but I don't plan on having a bud tree popping out of my seeds haha. Never know though!

    Trying to think of other stuff I need to cover.. I'll take any advice I can get on finding the perfect spot in the woods for my babies.. What type of soil should I start my seedlings in? I've always heard you can just take any decent dirt and start a plant with it. Any tips on getting water to my spot? That's one problem I've been trying to figure out.
  7. Come on man.. where the nice potheads at that can offer me more advice?
  8. [quote name='"DontForgetThe15"']Come on man.. where the nice potheads at that can offer me more advice?[/quote]

    bro there are so many different possibilities you can try with growing the weeds that please! honestly right now I'm currently using 6 gallon pots and using straight up miracle grow with the time release ferts. just water and sunlight, no other food. the miracle grow was like $3 a bag at lowes. I realized this miracle grow is only good for young plants and now mine has a nitrogen deficiency, but it isn't severe. I used this soil throughout my whole grow last year and everything was fine. practice makes perfect like you said so you will always learn something new every harvest. good luck brother!
  9. Your going to need bigger than 5 gallon buckets to get more than a few oz a plant. They will
    Out grow that In about a month.
  10. Right now I have mine in 20 gallon pots but I'm gunna go for 50 gallon drums on the next transplant. I'm hoping for a lb each but I will also be lsting and topping readily, In fact I already FIMmed once on the 5th leaf set of each plant.
  11. I live in NC too bro so we can help each other out your going to want to use atleast 30 gal pots, here's a link to some dry fertilizers:, you can just use miracle grow but I don't recommend it. In fact now that I think about first time grower miracle grow as the fertilizer is the best choice, you could amend with some manure. I personally like organic bone meal, blood meal, fish fertilizer, lime.

    Here's a 18 gal pot: which I'm sure you can find cheaper some where else me personally I plan on bringing soil amending the area and planting directly in the soil the only way to do it in my opinion unless you want to use smart pots which come in a variety of sizes but aren't stealthy.

    18 gallon: Shop Fiskars 14"H x 18"W x 18"D Resin Pot at

    If you need any help pm me I grow all kinds of stuff.
  12. I'm a newb to, but who knows, any information is good information. Here's my plan. I'm farming right now as we speak. Once they sprout, putting them in some sprouting mix in red 16oz Solo cups. Leaving them on the windowsill for sunlight( it faces my backyard, no worries.) then once they get big enough. Final transplant into dug out holes with my soil mix. Ten take what gets thrown at me. Prolly going to use some FF nutes and add some dry nutes like wormcasting and what not. Good luck. There's some input.
  13. dont forget to gradually introduce them to the outside atmosphere as the sun light will burn young plants and kill them. I would recommend putting them in the shade maybe under a tree, for a few days then slowly put them in some sun probly on an overcast day untill you think they are big enough to handle the sun. It's better to be safe then sorry so be patient. You dont want them to be fried in a couple hours of direct sun.
  14. I had that book by Mel Frank, it's a good book. Only thing is I remember it recommending 1 gallon pot per foot of plant height which seems a lot less than people here like.
  15. Is your friend trustworthy? Be careful. Also you are going to need to use some good soil. I recommend fox farm ocean forest and use a bigger pot, 5gallon bucket size or bigger
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    Im using 5 galon pots and some people have said that is the minimum you should use outdoors, you can expect 2-4ounces per plant using 5 gal buckets. You dont need 30 galon pots on your first grow
  17. Oh hell yeah. Appreciate it brotha. I don't know where to get all this "organic bone meal, blood meal, etc etc" Do you guys just go to like.. flower stores or something? Do they know what we are buying this shit for usually? Lol..

    That's so fucking big lmao. You are the Boss around this site it seems. Appreciate your help dude.

    Worddd, I can deal with that.

    Thank you EVERYONE.
  18. Just go to any local nursery and they should have bone and blood meal and other nutes too. And like everyone else said the one thing i would recommend is bigger pots, maybe 5 - 10 gallons for your first grow. The biggest things to think about are security, sunlight, and getting water out there and you will learn a lot along the way.
  19. [quote name='"ThEbLuEMaGoO"']Right now I have mine in 20 gallon pots but I'm gunna go for 50 gallon drums on the next transplant. I'm hoping for a lb each but I will also be lsting and topping readily, In fact I already FIMmed once on the 5th leaf set of each plant.[/quote]

    Hey BlueMagoo 1 quick question how do you go about transplanting from a 20 to a fifty?

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