First time outdoor grow - concerned about late flowering

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    hi all,

    I’m posting now because as of today (August 22nd) my plants have been growing beautifully but as we begin the flowering season, I am seeing slow growth (slow flowers forming) from my 6+ ft AK47 plants. My little Sativa plants have fully begun to develop bud sites and white hairs but my AK doesn’t seem to be nearly at the same pace as my Sativa. I have grown with the same practices and am extremely disappointed with how my babies are turning out. Attached is some pictures. Is this normal? :/ am I being paranoid? What could be the difference between the two plants? I’m located 4 hours north of Toronto. Thanks for any input guys.



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  2. Seems normal, lets see others say.

    Might want to throw some dirt in the pots to cover the roots

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  3. The plant in general looks great!!! You are right though, about the flowering sites, they are pretty pitiful looking.....I doubt it has anything to do with your growing technique...esp if you have grown successfully like that before.....I would just attribute it to genetics.....IM SURE they will get much better as the days progress.....
  4. Going by general plant structure and the leaf width, it looks like the plant identified as the Sativa is the more Indica dominant of the two, while the one you're concerned about lagging flower development is the more Sativa dominant variety??
  5. You don't live too far away from me, and flowering seeason is JUUUUST starting. I'd expect things to flower for quite a well.
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  6. Thanks man. I've been trying my best without getting too stressed about it. Unfortunately this is my first grow ever, so I have really no idea what to expect. I hope it'll rebound hard as days go on, I just can't help but wonder if it has to do with not enough light or not giving them enough nutrients or something:blush:

    Supposedly my "sativa" is durban poison, a pure sativa, and it's already budding. AK is sativa dominant but I still thought it'd be budding or beginning to bud by now. Who knows if the seed's are what they were sold as though.

    I hope that's the case bud, my friend's telling me all theirs is budding so it's a little bit of a buzzkill lol.

    Edit: I ment to post I'm 4 hours north of Toronto
  7. I'm literally in the same location as you, quite close 3 1/2 4h north of TO. My budding season has barely started. Here's a pic from yesterday. They get un-interrupted light morning till dusk. I imagine these won't finish until october.

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  8. Those are some nice looking green plants, but damn dude even still, yours are much more ahead of mine currently. I have another couple medium sized plants of durban poison and white widow and they seem to be similar to how yours are now but my AK seem to just be lagging hard. I'm worried they're not going to make the frost and I wish I knew why they weren't developing as quick (n)
  9. I have no idea what to tell you man :( My whole grow has been new to me, and everyone that's seen my plants says they're doing exceptionally well, big root sctucture and lots of growth. It may be strain related if they are getting the same light and same nutes?
  10. You have an impressively healthy plant!!

    I'm also in your area and I have 5 month old White Widow clones outside that are about 10 days into flowering only.

    I think it's our latitude 45 degree north that's killing us. Late twilight keeps us from flowering I think. We all prey for a nice October without snow !!!
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  11. I'm hoping for a somewhat cold but not a stormy october. I don't mind the lower overnight temps to keep the bugs away and give the plants a break. It's been a hot one around here this year and I'm pretty sure we're gonna have a late hot summer and run into a late fall. Just seems like it with how the summer has been weather wise.
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  12. Seeing as we're all in a very close area, what things should I be paying attention to over the next month? We're going to have wet rainy nights with long foggy mornings (especially in the low lands where I am) I'm just worried about mold developing as the nights get damper and colder. I've been trying to get out and shake the plants off in the mornings, but that's not always possible.
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  13. Are some of the leaves white or is it just the sun hitting it?
  14. You gonna get bud rot no matter what you do, but only need start shaking water off after week 5 onwards. When you see a patch of rot remove it right away to avoid spreading.
  15. Yeah they certainly look good! It kind of looks like they’re strain related but I’m clueless

    Thanks man! Hopefully they pick up soon. I’ll be praying with you from afar!

    Just the sun my friend. No white leaves yet thankfully lol.
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  16. Indica is the last too flower. That's why alot of us grow it outdoors. So it won't flower till fall. U could cover her to where she gets 11 hours of light and 13 of complete darkness

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  17. Indica usually begins flowering later than sativa on the same light schedule?
  18. From what I've heard and read it sounds like Indicas just take longer to flower once they start. Not sure about starting times. I've got a single lonely Sativa, I'll have to keep an eye on that.
  19. Hey bud saw your profile picture and thought it was great you're still active. How was your grow last year? Mine ended up turning out pretty good, but a fair bit of mold on the denser tops. Think this summer I'm going to run 6 week flowering strains and see if I can get the buds huge before the mold season hits. Cheers to a good season.

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