First Time Outdoor Grow Blue Dream, Mango, And Bagseed.

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  1. Hey guys! this is my first grow and i wanted to take pictures every week or so and record everything that is going on with it, first pics are coming real soon!
    The bagseed is about 3 inches tall with 2 true leaves and another set coming along and is planted outside already.
    The Blue Dream just popped out of the soil and is in my window sill and will be staying there for about a month.
    The Mango was just planted in soil this morning and has not popped yet. It too is on the window sill.
    I intend on keeping everyone who cares updated with pics and stats every week or so!
    p.s. i germinated all seeds before planting in case you were wondering :)
    Happy Growing!  :gc_rocks:

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    Just to let you know that window sill lighting isn't that good for plants. Window glass reduces the amount of lumens coming through along with natural UV light. You would be far better off with a couple of daylight cfls and a small fan for thr first week or two then after that their going to need a lot more light. Also the drawback to window sill lighting is that is causes plants to grow tall and skinny. Their spending more energy on reaching for light then they do on growing new sets of leaves.
  3. thanks but i did other ones on the windowsill which turned out fine and i cant do cfl's
  4. It's June, y not put em outside?
  5. well i tried that, but they kept getting eaten, so im growing em bigger before putting m outside, ecept the bagseed which is already outside, hopefully the deer don't find it.

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