First time/outdoor grow 2/3 seem female seeking 100% and some advice for first timer!

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    This is my first post here but not on grass or online. But here it is! So thanks for having me.

    First as I don’t have a footer or banner for my Nutes and my grow set up etc.

    It’s very simple I did it very backyard style and with lots I could find that I had and soil out of pots of plants I used good soil in..! Then some seeds from bags of weed. So random strains not sure what I’ll get.

    started 3 in December mid and has started Pre flower last 1 week prominently but not as much as I hope. I can’t take inside for 12-12 so I have to leave them to Mother Nature. Which will maybe be to my benefit other than waiting longer. Anyhow. I use PowerFeed which is a Seaweed liquid and contains like 14% nitrogen 1.7% phosphorus and 7% phosphorous or something. Which I need to get a Budding or flowering liquid be a A+B if I can afford and don’t really want delivered rather buy it or go to a hydro shop and see if they have 0-4-4 type ratios or even cannabis straight up fertiliser. OR I use Potash PLUS* which has 4% phosphorus and 14% potassium. No nitrogen. Not sure what that is would that be like 0-1-4 roughly?? Or am I not calculating correctly? I don’t know..

    Also pulled my first MALE 2 days ago! So 2/3 are female (I THINK) there are both plants images of their solitary’s or other bud site tbh flowers .

    Lucky was in Early flower stage so the pollen sacks were green not opened and it was also like the day they came out or the next as it rained all the day before and only looked at night under light… couldn’t tell next arvo I saw them and killed it. Anyway..

    so yea new but see photos of my up close solitary’s and my first signs of pistils today! Very fine though. So very early sexed was done 2 weeks ago on 2x plants and the MALE i mistakes the solitaire shape for a growth waiting to come up being the solitary flower and then one day it was just covered in pollen sacks (not seeds) as so many think. Yes they make seeds on females. But yeah. Moving on.

    just want to post some pics for guaranteed Sexed females and what they look like. I topped them for height Management .. not yield :/ but I was doing standard tie down then I found Circle of life..!! So I adopted that but with a straight stem..!!… so they just have or look like from above the top is a S shape right now. And will be soon like a Figure 8 (sort of). That’s when I will stop the LST and hold them or let them drop if that’s the best way to go about it. I’m still figuring it out as I GO! Yep. It’s been a learning experience that’s for sure!
    So here they are!

    Baby 1 and 2!
  2. Welcome to the City.
    Southern Hemisphere I'm guessing. :)

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