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  1. Hello gc

    I have done 2.5 grows now all using bottle ferts but I think it's time to make the switch.

    I google some recipes and I'm going to go with sub cools super soil. Here is the list of ingredients.

    8- Large bags of High quality Organic potting soil with a coco and Mycorrhizae
    1- 25-50 pounds of Organic Worm castings
    5 lb. Steamed Bone meal
    5 lb. Bloom bat Guano
    5 lb. Blood meal
    3 lb. Rock Phoshate
    ¾ cup Epson salts
    ½ to 1 Cup cup Sweet Lime ( Dolimite)
    ½ Cup Azomite ( Trace Elements)
    2 tbs. Powdered Humic Acid

    I can get all the stuff as we have a very good local hardware store that sells most of the stuff and we also have a hydroponics store for anything else I need.

    I started all my plants in happy frog and been using roots organic bottles on them. I must say they are looking very healthy but in the long run I feel super soil will be better.

    My questions.
    This super soil good for veg/flower?

    Could I still use my bottle nutes? Instead of once a week maybe cut it to once a month as a tea?

    What do you think of this mix?

    And lastly how much soil is this going to make? Can I convert pounds to gallons?
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  2. We're not real big fans of Subcool's soil mix here. It's what I started out with, and I found it to be "lacking"...

    Try this, it's much easier and WAY more effective, no nute's needed and measured in volume per cubic foot of base mix, rather than pounds. Quality compost/vermicompost/EWC is essential. Worm castings like WiggleWorm will not suffice...

    No-Till Gardening: Revisited
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  3. I am also going organic and I use 2.1 cubic of soil with 10 pounds of compost 5 pounds of worm casting and I amend the soil with crab shell help bone meal blood meal feather meal and alfalfa I used one cup of each Amendment however I double the amount of bone meal with 2 cups

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  4. like wakto said, follow the recipe in the no till thread, it doesn't get any better then that.
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