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  1. Just sent in my order for my Black Pearl seeds today from

    I'll let you guys know how it turns out. I'm confident it will come as expected.
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    so ya it's been two weeks now and so far i'm upset. we originally sent the money just normal postage and it was just returned. no note or anything. so my buddy sends it with a tracking number and everything via shipping company which cost us an extra $50.

    today they went to deliver it @ 12 pm on a friday, yet apparently he wasn't there to recieve it. what the fuck.

    we also emailed him a couple days ago to let him know what was going on, but we still haven't gotten a response.

    we're trying to give him money but he won't let us. not sure if i'll be ordering from HGS again. not quite how i imagined this happening.
  3. wow that really sucks man. im planning on ordering from the dr. i hope he dosent fuck shit up for me
  4. Black pearl is some chronic shit, even seasoned tokers have trouble finishing a spliff.

    If you PM him on his forum he'll get back to you that day...his servers have been off and on for the past week while he changes providers or whatever, so his email may have been up and down since last week. He's on his forum everyday, PM your info and situation and he will respond and prolly make it up to you if the oversight was on his end. His handle is "HighGrade"
  5. Yeah... I emailed HGS about an order on Wednesday and have not received a reply back. So maybe he's on vacation or something?
  6. If his servers were down while you emailed him they may have never been received or linked to him. I still think the fastest way to get a hold of him is PM at his forum.

    He will make it up to you, I've seen him reply, and make it right time and time again, his fault or not. He always makes it up to the people.
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    thanks for the advice i'll definitely try that. any more info on black pearl? i've done tons of searching but have found very little. is the high really uppy? is it a creeper? you know stuff like that. i'm glad to hear it's dank.
  8. Let us know how it works out.

    "Grew this stuff a year or more ago and peeps are still raving about it.... Amazingly unique taste and aroma. Can't explain.. You just gotta try this one. "

    "The high is really high. Taste is great now that they're flushed. The hammering stone smacks you in the face but doesn't put you on the couch.

    Perfect for events such as Fishing.

    Drying samples on the ballast.... really quick. "

    "smells very sweet and kinda skunky hardly a recognizable pot smell but very powerful and overwhelming"

    "Really stinky plants. Extreme resin.... Blow your mind weed."

    " Freaking schalam'd my ass. very unique taste. very hard to assign. I think it tastes kinda like paint smells, only in a real good sort of way. High, really high, really quick hitting. 2nd hit is holy shite!!!! the high seems to grow for 1.75 hrs then levels off to crusin altitude. and i do not question the 30,000 foot reference. (number may be just a little low). next 2 hrs steady at 30,000, then a gradual decent. very, very excellent!! i give it overall a 9.9. also very nice weight. as it stands, this one plant. 106.4 grms from a soil grow. soil. i'm satisfied for sure. thanks to highgrade and everyone. "

    "Yes I would say take a look at the trichomes at ~9.5 weeks for maturity (25% amber). Properly matured dried and smoked Black Pearl is killer stuff even for chronic heads."

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    thanks for all the quote lookups! you're are the man.

    good news good news about the seeds though. finally got an email back and he said they did get the notice from the shipping company and that they would try to deliver it again on tuesday. he assured us they would for sure be there to get it then and that everything is good with our order.

    so i'm excited again :D i understand shit happens, so i'm not taking it to heart. for all the great things i've heard about HGS and the quality of the bud, i probably order from them again. i doubt i will be disappointed with these seeds :)

    anyone interested in ordering some black pearl, be sure to check out my grow journal coming soon. when it's up i'll add it to my sig.
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    still waiting...

    i'm trying to be patient, but it's hard. if he sent them out i should be seeing them soon since he received payment on Tuesday(as confirmed by the tracking number w/ signature). and i couldn't get it out of him whether he shipped my order, he just said that all orders are up to date whateverthefuck that means.

    i emailed him asking why i didn't get a notice of when he got my order (since he said he would in a previous email) and he said probably because I didn't include an email address on my order, but i know for a fact i did. so IDK. i'm just really hoping i get my seeds. this just really seems entirely too shady too me, but i really don't want to have to order from someone else. i was so confident everything was gonna be ok w/ highgrade-seeds. i'm quickly becoming less optimistic. there's still hope, but this has definitely been more hassle then i was prepared for.

    i'm gonna wait a couple more days, but if i still don't see anything then i guess i have no choice but to take my business elsewhere. which is a shame because there were plenty of strains i wanted to check out.
  11. HGS always takes care of the customer. Im sure you will be happy
  12. HGS does have the best customer service as far as seed banks go. As long as he received your payment then your order will get sent. Just be patient as regular snail mail can take up to 2 weeks to reach you. I always opt for his express service and get my seeds in about 5 days from HGS.
  13. thanks for the support guys. you are the wind the sails my hope
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    well now i feel like a jackass cuz they just came today lol.

    hurray :hello:

    dank buds here i come

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