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  1. my friend and i just got 2 tabs each and we plan on using them this week. we have a empty house and a good amount of weed. i was wondering what to do when tripping and if i should smoke.
  2. Weed never affected me when I was tripping, but it's nice when coming down and your trying to go to sleep.
  3. Really? I found that every time I've tripped on anything, be it mushrooms or cid, weed can sort of act to speed up the actual trip, meaning after one hit of weed the trip begins in full. I dunno maybe it's just me...
  4. im glad you said that. my friend who got the tabs just got some dank cali bud too so hopefully it should be a good week.
  5. having some entertainment handy is probably a good idea..movies and music are my favorite things to do besides going for a walk in the woods. trees and grass are awesome.

    if you wait until you start to come down to smoke it will probably send you right back up :smoking:
  6. yeah weed is good every now n then while ur trippin but its mostly brilliant for the end/comedown - made it so sweet
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    my friend who is doing this with me said that we wont go outside in the woods. the place we would go is close the a path which some people use but should i still try to go outside?

    edit - also ive heard mixed things about how to take them. so far im going to put them under my tongue and wait 10 minutes then swallow. is that fine?
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    yep. under the tongue is the best. unless you have liquid which you just drop on the top of the tongue.
    also sitting on the grass is fun tripping. trees swaying in the distance, grass wiggling ect. parks are ideal. if not the middle of the woods.
  9. do anything at all and the only good time to blaze is 30 minutes after you eat the doses and blaze a couple bowls or joints for the next hour...thatll really get you launched into the starts...and smoke when you start to come down but during the peak and shit you cannot feel any effect of smoking weed the very act of it is enjoyable though so go crazy with tit
  10. i say u should save the weed for when ur trying to sleep. because i know sleeping on 2 hits of preeemo cid, well sleeping doesnt happen. i had to rail some xannies to sleep 12 hours into my trip rofl. and i had to go to school in 3 hours.
  11. i also have a question about size, i first saw the tabs a few days ago and they are about the size of this box
    |__| <---- generally around the size of the gas switch for a bic lighter

    this seems small to me but i have only seen pictures. are these tabs the right size?
  12. Yea, those tabs are about the right size. Make sure wherever you trip, you have music with you. Smoking some bud will greatly improve the trip. Have fun man!
  13. I just took acid for the first time yesterday and it was AWESOME. I went to a Slightly Stoopid and Pepper, took two hits like an hour before the show started and had the best time of my life. I smoked plenty of pot and for some reason I CRAVED cigarettes soooo bad even though I dont smoke them. It was awesome. Good luck with your experience.
  14. I helped my girl friend through her first lsd experience, at first she was very nervous, dont let anxiety overwhelm you. you should, as above, always bring music it entertains the mind, you body will have the feeling of a grand orchestra and want to wander the world, be careful in public not to laugh while buying cig =), enjoy your trip, i hope it allows you to SEE the world
  15. i forgot to post that ive done it. i did it and had a great time and thanks for all the help
  16. Smoking weed while your tripping doesnt do anything to you. The trip overpowers the high too much... from what I've heard its nice on the comedown though.
  17. have you ever smoked weed during a trip?

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