First Time on Ecstasy/ Question (Long)

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  1. Experience:

    Last night I decided to take ecstasy for the first time. I'm not sure why, but I just kinda felt like taking it by myself. I'm a very social person, but it just kinda felt right. So I bought the first x i came across and didn't really ask questions. I bought it through a good friend, so I did not question its legitimacy.

    So I decided to take it at 11:11pm for good luck (what's it hurt?) So after a good half and hour ago, I began to do what every "trip report" said I would do. I began to doubt that I would it would work. I eventually shook the bad vibes and told myself whatever happens, happens.

    About an hour after taking it, it became clear to me that this was legit. I began to feel a little different, in a good way. My dog became softer, my couch became more comfortable, and I was just feeling the love. I then suddenly had the urge to talk to people, I wanted to meet new people and for some reason talk to Barrack Obama. Not sure why, but I felt as if I could carry on a conversation with the most socially intimidating people.

    So I began to look through my phone and find someone to talk to. I saw a name of a person that I had not spoken to for a very long time. It was my best friend from grade school. I now live in the greater Boston area and he lives in Pittsburgh. With no hesitation I called him at 1am. He answered after only a couple rings. I'm not sure what I said to him when he answered, but I know his response was "What are you on?" So I became acquainted with him and talked to him for a bit.

    At this point, about an hour and a half after ingestion, I was feeling nothing but happiness and love for the world. I did not really do anything special though, I called a few more friends who I hadn't talked to in a long time and listened to some STS9 with laser shows (Very cool).

    After about 2 hours I could feel it wearing off pretty quickly. Which kinda upset me, because everything I read said I would be feeling goooood for at least 3-4 hours. Although I had really been enjoying myself I did not want it to end. So I decided to go to bed and listen to some DMB, until I eventually fell asleep.


    Ok so the pill I took did not look like the ones I see around the internet. It was just a clear pill capsule with a white powder in it. From what I had read I feel like I had a weak experience. I was not amazed by music or colors, it just wasn't quite as intense as I had hoped. However, I was not disappointed with the experience. So did I just get some weak x or is that what it should have been?

    Thanks for reading and for the help. Sorry it was so long.
  2. You had pure MDMA in a capsule, the drug that gives you the loved up feeling, its called ectasy in pill form.
    Maybe you just got a cap with a little bit of MDMA.

    But what you described is what MDMA does.

    MDMA doesnt make me all amazed at colors at music, that ACID lol.
  3. Well, that report sounds pretty much exactly what every trip of mine is like. ESPECIALLY the wanting to talk to people part.

    It was probably just a low amount of mdma. Ask your "good friend" if it was cut with anything and the mg and shit if you care. But my advice would be to try and find a new connect, take another and see if the same thing happens. If yes, you have a high tollerence i suppose, take 2? :D

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