First time not having weed in months

Discussion in 'General' started by Citygrasslol, Mar 16, 2016.

  1. So I smoke regularly multiple times a day and I have for a couple years. Usually I'm good on weed but sometimes I run out and the days just don't seem as nice. How does everybody else deal with being dry?
  2. Get any schwag I can lol
  3. Sit on my bed and rock back and forth uncontrollably while hyperventilating.
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  4. True true
  5. always a great option
  6. It passes the time
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  7. I can't remember a time in my smoking life where I couldn't find any.
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  8. The longest I've been dry after smoking weed on an almost daily basis.. was 6 months.. after I moved out of my first flat. lol

    Luckily, this house has enough ex-gang members and drug dealer connections for me to be able to get weed without even having to pay for it. Just helping my roommates solve computer issues is enough to earn me a gram of weed, here and then. lol

    Of course, if I run out of weed, I just drink beer and energy drinks. To me, weed is like a stimulant, as well as a psychedelic at high doses. It can get uncomfortable and creepy sometimes, and that's part of the reason I don't want to do it every day.
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  9. I always find a way to get more weed when the supply runs dry. Practically the only thing motivating me to stay alive in this stupid world.
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  10. I feel sorry for you guys

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  11. You think thats bad? Im stranded in jupiters orbit and i dont have a single god damn working lighter in my saucer. I though i got a 5 pack of bics last time i was on earth but i must have forgotten. So i have like my last gram of nugs over here and i cant even smoke it. Its been 3 weeks. And its so cold, all my alcohol has frozen. Fuck this

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  12. Luckily I have never encountered that problem, I tend to buy more when I'm on my last quarter, which could last 2 weeks.
    Always have to have extra.

    Also used to hide grams vacuum sealed inside old backpacks for in case.
  13. Well i'm 2 months on a t break however the way i realized goin through dry spells can be used to your advantage bcuz it benefits your tolerance .. so try not to think about it or fiend for it Op & you should be back in the mix in no time ..
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  14. Yeah same here, it's always around. I just lost my job though so I'm low on money
  15. I get the uncomfortable part, but creepy?
  16. You give good answers dude lol
  17. That's smart. I've tried to save some grams away but then I run out and just go through that too. I need more self control lol
  18. I got you bro ill come bring you a bic
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