First time/no tolerance high vs normal high tolerance high

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  1. Whats the difference? I think ive hit the point where its not the same, but still pretty fun. Everyone's different, what was it like your first time smoking vs what your highs are like now?

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  2. first started smoking I could feel like I was flying. and actually could get high enough to not necessarily puke, but get the spins/ multi dimensional free falling and have cev's. the stone was more just that face felt like it was being sucked in and sometimes the body felt like I had a rubber skeleton

    2years later and meh it's just something to do with minimal effect other then being drowsy and having the odd laugh. and the high really isn't all that, more like a fog that is easy to slip into. personally I'm beginning a two month t break today until my harvest comes off. in that time I will probably donate some blood again and find ones self
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  3. like everything else it gets more and more routine over the years. even with long t-breaks it's not the same.. it could also have to do with the fact that your mind changes as you get older.
    sure, i will get a lot more high from a single hit, after a decent t-break.. but it's nothing like the times when i was 18-19... which was a loooong time ago.
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  4. My first time smoking was one of my most fun experiences probably because I really didn't know what to expect and had heard I wouldn't get high my first time. Well that wasn't the case with me, I got absolutely ripped off like 3 bowls of mids we passed around, and couldn't stop laughing at absolutely everything, it was a night that changed me going forward because I found something I really enjoyed far more than alcohol. Fast forward to about 10 years later (fuck I am getting old) now I use cannabis about 50% recreationally just to relax after a day of work or on the weekends and about 50% medicinally to help with anxiety, depression and sleep. I still really enjoy being high but can also appreciate the medical aspects of it now as well.
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  5. Used to smoke with friends, now I toke alone. I'm like a decade older now too so that changes perception. Overall every high gets me there the same because I have learned what to expect and compiled experiences on all that I know.
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  6. First time I smoked I fell asleep but the second time I really felt it. I take long tolerance breaks once my highs aren't as good.
  7. cannabimimetics! use cannabimimetics with your cannabis to keep a high longer and to get high even without cannabis!
  8. the weed was way different sativa mostly highs lasted for long long time ,now i don't get stoned at all 2 year t break still didn't get stoned its legal here when i get more growing space i try growing some land race sativa just need 16 to 25 feet of space.... a barn would work.....

    weed has changed a lot by the way ppl grow it also never ripe they want peak thc % not ripe buds they use less time vegging and flowering and cbn is never tested our bud had no hairs now thats all you see .

    will also state the color of the hairs has changed as well used to be red hairs if you found any at all now they are orange polys became a thing now also delta 9 is now missing .

    i often smoke out ppl to see the effects on them seeing them get stoned when i can barely get a buzz0
  9. Smoked for 11 years with a 3year gap. Apart from thst huge gap i literally smoke everyday of the year. Dont get me wrong i work 60hr weeks but i always have weed 2 or 3 j a night. Its so not the same. Still feel high but when i startes again 2 years ago the first 4 drags were so intense i couldnt drive or stand up even lol. Absolutely monged out. Now after 2 years of smokomg with maybe a night a month of not i need 2 spliffs to get gim one after tje other. I like to be monged intensely lol.
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  10. It's definitely a very gradual thing. It's not like you wake up one day and suddenly, you're super tolerant to weed. It took me several years before I began to finally have a tolerance that some would consider high. I've always been fortunate to have a very low tolerance, despite smoking daily for years with little to no breaks. I can make a half ounce last about 6 wks, sometimes longer depending. But I only smoke for myself, not with others, and when you smoke with others it can easily cut that in half.

    I could smoke daily and it would be the same as my first (or damn near close) every time for over a year. I still get stupid high for quite a few years after, still daily smoking, within 2 or 3 hits of dank. But as of now, I don't get stupid high anymore, it took me about 5-6 years of daily smoking to get to that point of being unable to get stupid high even if I try. I get stoned, but not stupid high. Not to the point I'm geeking out anymore, or "the back of my head gets warm" or feels weird, none of that anymore. I, in fact, can function almost perfectly fine stoned at this point.

    now, there are some factors for me personally to consider. 1) I've never dabbed. ever. So my tolerance never spiked like that. 2) no hash or concentrates ever, I've only smoked the flower. 3) I have a fast metabolism. 4) I've only tried edibles on a handful of occasions, but for me personally, edibles don't seem to do much of anything unless I take an extremely, extremely, high dosage and heavy potency.

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