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  1. Aright recently one of my friends gave me a plant cause he was moving back home. He says its about 6 weeks old, but all he really did for it was water it and leave it in the sun. He hasnt fed it or really tended to it much. Ive had it for about a week now, and ive replanted it in a larger pot, watered it, and given it Miracle grow for tomatoes. I also have put it under 24 hour cfls. Despite that, im not sure if the plant is too small to survive. I just wanna know if its worth continuing, or if i should just give up on it now and focus on the other seeds i just planted today. Any advice would be appreciated.

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  2. Looks like you could add some more soil.

    Poke a couple holes at the top of the pot on opposing sides. Tie string to the stalk and side of the pot. One pulling to the left, one to the right.

    Looks a little stretched out. Try moving the light closer.
  3. Its actually really bright in there, those are shitty camera phone pictures... ill try to get some better ones.
  4. What kinda string exactly? like a thick yarn type thing or sewing string? And how tight do i want it exactly?
  5. Btw the soil im using is miracle grow organic choice... if that helps... please reply. thanks.
  6. thicker twine would reduce the risk of cutting into the stem. Also, I don't tie it directly to the plant, I just sort of make a loose loop and then use a paper clip that I kind of bend into a S shape to hook the twine to the lip on the pot. I also use those scunci ponytail rubbers and paper clips to hold down some of the branches...just whatever I find.

  7. Thanks for the reply.. is what you're telling me to do LST? Any other help would be appreciated. thanks again.
  8. Bone Meal, Blood Meal, new soil (preferrably compost) and maybe some cow or horse dookie
  9. Yeah these are indoors lol so id prefer not to have animal shit but thanks for the advice.
  10. dont worry about smell.. just mix a little bit of it throughout the soil then put a layer of fresh soil ontop.. i did that with my indoors and it worked great; animal shit is the way to go. I'd show you pictures but i cant find out how to put them on a thread of my own, do you know how to?
  11. And you also need to invest time/money in a growroom/light.
  12. Actually i have two decent lights, the reason the pics are dark is because i took them with my phone.. but its actually incredibly bright in there.

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