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  1. wud up all, ok im currently in a bad situation i have no money to buy bud but i can get good seeds for free so i want to start growing like only a plant or two for personal use only the thing it i have barrely any money for supplies so i need to do it without running aroung buying lights, soils, chems every other day. i have a limited omount of cash i have like 30 or 40 bucks, i have verrry little room to grow proboly a few feet high and abot a foot ish wide, i can get reg seeds, crippy seeds etc so those arrent a prob, i can get the nessecry things as long as it under 50 bucks and arrent out of the ordinary but thats really it please help me start growing..... please
  2. A good place to start is reading a grow guide. Many of our users have used this one with great success:

    That should get you started until a grow Mod comes along to help you out. :)
  3. :confused: omg i cant figure all that out is there a way i can get a small pot or a few small pots get a bag of some sort of soul put the soil in the pot put the seed/seeds an inch or two deep and water it and use a normal shaped light bulb and have it on a timer?
  4. any one?
  5. I'm sorry but I don't believe so, you deffinatley need special lightbulbs to make it work right, if you can't understand the quickgrow guide you may find yourself having trouble when you actually are growing it, so I would search the forums using the search tool in the upper toolbar in the city, spend some time getting yourself knowledgable about it all. There's a lot to growing, its deffinatley not as simple as that if you want some good yields.
  6. this is terrible i have the highest comp grade in my old school and i have one of the highest now and i cant uderstand it, would natural ligh work like if i put it by a windowsil or sumthin
  7. Good results can be had even in what appear to be rather marginal situations. (i.e.: a four inch pot in a room with a skylight.) With the minimum of: well drained medium, good light with ventilation, regular application of a complete fertilizer, pest control, and avoidance of detection, anyone can take a viable seed to maturity. One need not have a lot of money, or even know-how to grow good plants

    i got taht from the grow guide that makes me feel alot better :) i guess will try every way i can thnk of but im still open for help, ideas and advice thks
  8. Er, possibley but you don't want people spotting a pot-plant growing in your window. I haven't grown but my friend did, and he bought a couple lights at a grocery store that worked, you need something more powerful, Flourescent lightbulbs and stuff which you can pick up for less than 10 bucks a pop. Hope you get what you need.
  9. okiedokie i will try to do my best but keep commin with the help its great
  10. okiedokie whats all that for your question tou seem to have answered that yourself.welcome to grasscity but try to show a bit of respect to other people on the site many of us growers take great pride in our plants and work hard to make them grow and flower to get good results not anyone can achieve good results just by putting a small pot with a seed in under a skylight one needs to take great care of that plant to see it to full maturity
  11. steve, i am very deeply sorry if i have affended you or any other growers. i have great respect twards all of yoU, and okiedokie its just something i say sometimes it might be stupid but so what im the onw saing it. and one more thing the only reason im looking for the "easyst" way to grow is cause i have a very limited amount of money me/my family lost almost all our money do to the past stock marked drop, so im sure you can understand the position i am currently in, so im going to grow or atleast i would like to, but i cant afford lights and sensi seeds or complicated systems of growth and the "least expecive" ive found is plantin it in soil and using natural sunlinght to let it grow and water it when it needs it..but now that ive said that is there andy tips/advice, pointers any thing that can help me in my jurny of growing mj
  12. there is many differant ways to grow if you can't afford proper lighting try a flourescent light there very cheap and can help with your growth but a normal light bulb won't do a thing if you can't get any lights and need to use your skylight make sure you cover it when you are going into flowering try to have your pots as big as possible in the space you have apology needed everyone at the city is here to help
  13. is it not possible for you to grow outdoors it might solve alot of your problems ;)
  14. :D i went into my garage to get a water and i looked up after i turned the lights on and i thoguht and then it clicked they are flourecnt ligts and we have had this house for 20 sum years and we replaced the 5 old 26 inchers with new like 4 footers and i looked at the shelfs and there a few of there old ones are so i plugged em in and wala i have working flourescent lights 2 oh em hahahaha, so now that i have lights what else would i need. i know i need soil but what is a good brand/type that i can pick up at a local lows homedpot wall mart u know but is there any thing else i need and r there any scpacific temperature/humidity/lighting guidlines please share em
  15. after all i do live in florida, and my house is ushualy 68 to 70 degrees on average
  16. um well im going to go eat dinner yumm but really steve please help me with the rest my e-mail/ im nae is but i will b back in a few hours
  17. My suggestions:

    1 - Germinate the seeds in paper towels on a plate, keep them moist but not drowning, when you see a long healthy tap root then plant it in soil.

    2 - Use as many of those fluorescent lights as you can, even on the sides if possible. Keep the lights as CLOSE to the plant(s) as you can get it will minimize vertical growth. (make sure bulbs and fixtures are clean, etc.)

    3 - Make sure you have proper ventilation if you have lots of lights, don't burn your babies.

    4 - Use a good potting soil that has NO FERTILIZERS added to it. Pot the seedling OFF CENTER in as big a pot as your space allows. When it gets 10-12" high use low stress training and bend the plant over in a U shape and tie it down so the lower bud sites will get more light and increase yield.

    5 - keep track of your growing schedule

    6 - paint your grow area white to maximize light reflection. Can usually find free from a friend. Enclose the grow area so you can control venting/heat/light etc.

    7 - Do NOT overwater or underwater for that matter. Let soil get dry an inch or two down before rewatering. At times you may need to FLUSH the soil with lots of water (pH adjusted to 7.0) if you have plant problems, best way to start if you see leaf discoloration.

    8 - Things you MAY need to buy: timer $5-$10, power strip $3, ph test kit $5 (for testing the water you use to water the plant), fan for venting/heat dissipation $5-$10, GOOD soil $8.

    You WILL run out of room very fast. The plant will eventually smell a LOT lol. Keep the height of the plant short and maximize the bud sites that get light. Give it a lot of TLC and be patient, you can grow with little room and get reasonable results.

    Keep reading peoples journals and ask questions if you have them. My journal has pics of everything I stated above, good luck mate.


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