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  1. Hello everyone,

    This is my first grow and my first post.

    I have two plants that I believe to be sour diesel and tangie.

    My setup:
    I'm using 12 bulbs cfl's at 42 watts (2700k) for both plants in flower right now. 12/12

    I've got a big box fan with plenty of air.

    They are sitting in what I believe are 5 gallon pots with a reservoir on the bottom to collect water after its saturated the soil.

    I'm using the general hydroponics line of micro,gro,and bloom. I'm also using their kool bloom. In addition I'm also using npk multiply and also cal mag and silicate but I don't remember the brands of them right now.

    I'm not adding any molasses or epsom salt.

    And so, here's my question:

    I've been growing them sense January 25th. They have been begging for a while now

    I'm in day 8 of flower. Yes, I know it's still early but I see a lot of other grows already showing some kind of budding action in week 2. Also, mine aren't stretching very much or at all. I do have some light leaking. I have barely seen any stretching from either plant. And as far as what I've been reading, I'm supposed to be getting lots of stretch by now. Can anyone help me? Maybe I'm doing something wrong? Could my light leak have anything to do with my plants not starting to bud yet? I have no white hairs or anything.

    I've posted some pictures of them to see if anyone can recognize any issues.

    Please and thank you?

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