First time, need help and guidance please

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  1. I got 2 different ones here it's my first time, let me know what yall think, I wanna flower them, 2 DIFFERENT STRANS I BELIEVE

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  2. you can if you wanted to, ideally i'd let it grow a bit longer, you put it into flower when you know what the final size you want it to be is, indicas usually tend to double in size when they finish their stretch in flower, and sativas usually triple, so it's basically all on you and the space you have to grow.
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  3. Thanks how do they look though? I wanna keep it small because it's in a closet and I don't have any strong lights, I'm using like 3 regular CFL bulbs i don't remember the watts and stuff. Basically it's ghetto no fancy spaces or lights, basic and plain
  4. they are looking fine and healthy, if you can, try and get some side lighting going, it will help promote growth all around, and is very helpful during flowering. what nutes are you running?
  5. No they look like they have a nitrogen toxicity... See the curl under and curl on sides everything is still really green
  6. And some other nutes burns to with the yellow want the truth right give us all details Howe often water how much what kind of nutrients how much solar lighting temperatures
  7. Looks at pic 3 top five fan leaves you should see why I diagnose that
  8. yeah just seeing that now, good looking out.
  9. And what kind soil if not using nutes
  10. If not using nutes your probably using soil like miracle grow our something with slow release fertilizers wanna stay away from these as they can continue to give your plant nitrogen well after it goes into budding when it didn't need high levels of nitro

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