First Time Need A Little Help.

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  1. Hey guys its my first time growing so i could do with a little help, i don't have a big fancy set up just a little plant in a pot and i was wondering if it is looking ok? if you look in the one image one of the older leaves is dying a bit but i think that was from when i re potted it because all the new shoots are coming through nice and green, the stem is looking a little weak but i think it will grow stronger.
    P1000307.JPG P1000308.JPG P1000309.JPG P1000306.JPG

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    Looks stretched out a bit. Get lights closer. Whatz ur setup. Get a fan on her

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  3. i haven't got a set up its just in a pot in the window with my window open to give it some air. im asking if its looking ok?
  4. Maybe try giving it more sun? Like let it on your deck(on the floor) so people don't see it?
  5. No it doesn't look ok. Its stretched out. Needs more lights or more sun

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  6. ok thanks for your help, i cant really give it more lighting but it is getting a good amount of heat and light now in the window so hopefully it will be ok.
    i will be re potting it within the next week with some good soil so hopefully she will like that. i will keep a little grow journal too for her.
  7. Window sill grows almost always fail, and when they do succeed the yield wasn't worth it.

    Get your plant more light.

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