First Time Mystery Grow!!!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by zblunts, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. so ive never grown marijuana before but i love smoking it so i figured id give it a try
    i dont really know what seeds i have there just from a bag i had a while ago and now i planted them...

    i dont know the soil

    i dont have a really expensive setup

    i do want to have buds growing though so all help is appreciated

    as of now i have one plant but more are on their way because i had a lack of seeds but thats all fixed now...
  2. this is 10 days into the grow and i only have on plant at this point

    the others are germinating

    how we looking?

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  3. ok were on day 14 for the original plant,(still no name)

    and were on day 1 our newest plants....
    one seed came from some random bud and the other one came from some chronic

    i got some miracle grow fert spikes today because my friend has recently harvested a large amount using the same.

    any suggestions on when to start using the nutrients on the oldest plant

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  4. Off to a good start :) how close are the lights? Nice setup with those fluros but you want them as close as possible to the plants, like 1/2". put a box under them to raise them higher if you need to but they do look fine as they are actually,nice and short. The stems look alittle thin but I see you have a fan. MG ferts aren't the best. For first timers, the odds are against you for not running into trouble but there are successes. You can start ferts at half strength at two weeks old from seed and then build up from there though I am not sure how to do that with those stick type ferts. Good Luck, they look nice and healthy! :)
  5. thanks for the advice, i just raised the lights, a few inches because there are the two new plants under the lights, im going to add another set of lights and hope that these nutrients sure it can but really need someone who has done it with the fert spikes before
  6. try to go with organic nutes not chem. youl get better taste in the end and wont have to worry bout fert burn.
  7. any particular brand you would recommend cause there are so many i have no idea which one to choose?
  8. foxfarm
  9. plants are looking healthy
    the two seedlings i planted have both sprouted
    so tiny....

    all in good time though

    the oldest plant is looking very healthy and im just letting it do its thing

    here are some pictures i just took

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  10. nice simple setup. how many watts total do u have?
  11. subscribing, keep this updated im ready to see the outcome!
  12. zblunts looks good. I agree those ferts sticks might be dangerous. Are you sure your friend grew weed with those? It is probably best just to feed yourself at week 2-3 of life with some Miricle grow water soluble or Fox farm like the other guy said. Otherwise make sure your cfl lights are 3 inches from the plants. Best wishes.
  13. ive decided to not use the fert spikes because its just not worth the risk...

    but the third set of leaves are curling upward around the base of the leave.:confused:
    im not to sure what this is
    is it about time for nutrients?

    the only nutrients i have at this point is miracle grow formula...ill use this i think... half strength

    i plan to get more nutrients the budget doesnt that will have to wait a few weeks

    here are a few pics of the curling leaves i mentioned earlier...
    poor quality... my bad

    notice the new sprouts in the last picture:D

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  14. how many days now?
  15. this is day 17 of the grow
  16. what PH is your water, what soil is it ?
  17. god only knows the soil

    and i use water from a reverse osmosis filter that we drink out of
    usually i let it sit for a day or so before i use it
  18. i gave the oldest plant some half strength miracle grow plant food
    hopeing this will help

    pretty worried about this leave curling any ideas on what this could be

  19. what type of lighting are you using, there is a big possibility that you have the light too close, and it is getting heat stress, if you would like to see for yourself, go to the third pic and enlarge it.

    also is that alum. foil? if so i would take it down, what color are the walls its on?
  20. im def following this grow, should be fun to watch

    i plan on doing something similar in the future and im just soaking up the information while im here

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