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First Time Moking Weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by fohizzle64, Jun 11, 2013.

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    So I hit it a few times. The they said come do a waterfall and he packed the bowl lit it and all the water disappeared. It was so amazing and the he said come and hit this so i hit it and held it. After i coughed a lot I ran toward the window and I was spit fucked. After that i started rapping and got really loud so my friends dragged me to another room. Then they pulled a prank with the cops and we ran down staris to another room and i passed out and somehow got back up stairs and i asked this girl i knew to suck my my dick and tat annoyed me but i couldn't stop for some reason. Then i started coming down like i was on a cloud.

  2. sounds like some night you had...or you are 14 or somthing
  3. Yeah moking sure is fun

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  4. You have a weak mind, none of that was caused by your moking. You're probably young, too young to moke
  5. Explain to me again what a "waterfall is".
  6. Waterfall bong, it's probably on YouTube. You get a 2 liter, make the screw on cap into a bowl and pack it. Fill the 2 liter up with water and then cut a hole in the bottom. Water will shoot out the hole and pull air in through the bowl. Hold a lighter up to the bowl while the water drains and watch it fill with smoke. Then unscrew the cap and hit it with the hole on the other side acting as a carb
  7. lol..moking.. lol.  I've done alot of things but never have I moked something you must have been pretty igh.
  8. Definitely 14. Lmao.
  9. sounds like some brain frying super weed..
  10. uhhm... right...
  11. why are you guys making fun of me for spelling smoking wrong.
  12. Well, did you fill the Bitch's itchy bancho?
    Come on now man. Say you pulled through.

  13. You either moked some very strong trainwreck or you are 14 years old

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  14. I just lurked across this. Haha, OP, the term "moking" is not merely a misspelling of "smoking", it is a widely used term for mixing weed and tobacco in a bong.

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  15. 14yrs old smoking on plastic soda cap bowl.

    Probably that BPA hitting the brain

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  16. op smoked himself retarded.
    That's what happens when you try to moke weed. Nobody should ever do that, it's too dangerous!
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    Sounds like OP found some marijuanas and got high

    Happy toking!

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