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    Hi there,
    I have been looking around and have done alot of research on the growing of cannabis. Growing it in my house isn't an option as it will be easily found so i want to ask your opinion on my game plan,  im going to grow 1 plant in my shed in a large cardboard box with a ona block to get rid of the smell but the only issue i have is that i need a way to give it light as there is no access to electricity out there, and i wanted to know the best thing to line the box with?\\
    Thanks in advance.

  2. where do you live? If it is winter like it is where i am the cold temps will most likely kill your plants. No electricity no lights no plants the sun is not an option in this weather. I have been wanting to do a outdoor grow you can try that when its nice out. I am gonna start mine about mid april
  3. It's winter at the moment so i was considering moving my plant into my house, but i dont have a mass of money so whats a decent light to use? Would a normal house bulb work well or would it be better to get a specialist one
  4. Almost all us micro growers use CFLs (the spiral house bulbs) just aSlong as its about 26ws two of them is pretty good for a small grow
  5. We even grow in hollowed out computer desktops
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    Thanks for the replies :) ill definatly look into the CFLs. Another question i have for you guys, i have decided to change my grow location again and it should all work smoothly im just wondering about ventilation as its a fairly enclosed space what kind of fan to use? 
    Thanks again
  7. most ppl use pc fans, they can be wired to a 12v adapter of any kind (cell phone etc), or u can use a model railroad transformer liek me (it controsl the speed up to 12v) ah and u can build a filter with a sucker fan and some ducting intake and endcap and charcoal filter, look on this site there should be a tutorial for that under $30...if u can find the g23 sockets u may find that using some of the smaller tube style cfls liek from desklamps are great for adding into a small box, i have one, i need to buy more sockets next grow ill add a bunch of them and post pics

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