First time making QWISO

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by Pistils, May 15, 2017.

  1. I was bored so tossed a small amount of trim in a cocktail shaker thing.. added some 91% iso, shook for 25 seconds, strained through coffee filter and poured into a Pyrex dish. I let it sit out for about 20 hours until it all evaporated. I just scraped it up and noticed It doesn't smell good.. doesn't smell like alcohol but I'm not sure what it does smell like... Did I fuck it up or is this normal? Does it look ok?

    I've made BHO before but haven't ever done it this way.. IMG_20170514_180722.jpg
  2. Damn looks good. Nice and light, dry. I like to sprinkle it on bowls. I hate the taste of qwiso though... it doesn't really keep the smell of the bud.

    There's a pretty good tut buried somewhere here where a guy was getting all white qwiso with a 10 second wash. Looked like shatter.
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  3. Cool thanks!

    Why are the consistency's so much different when people make it? Ive read that a lot of people end up with shit that's oily, where mine is more like a powder lol.
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  4. It's all about wash time, the faster you can get it extracted from the alcohol the better !
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  5. Ah ok. I counted to about 25, but I tend to count fast.. so it was probably more like 20 lol. I had read that if you go longer than 30 seconds you're going to be extracting chlorophyll with it, so I made sure not to do that haha.

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