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First time making hash

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by datPhace, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. I have about 3 Grams I kief what's the easiest way for me to make hash? Please help
  2. Compress it
  3. Alright but I have a compressing device if its about as big as a quarter but like 4 quarters tall and thick and dark brown does that work
  4. My 1st time hash; & on a budget.
    Used "Northern Lights x Big Bud"

    I always thought that I couldn't grow, let alone, make hash.:(

    Why was this?

    Because almost always seeing growers (on TV) with big houses &/or have LOTS of land.
    I felt discourages because I lived in a little, 1br apartment (with NO balcony).
    As for hash making, I've seen lots of online videos of folks using HUGE bucketfuls of trim/bud using lots of costly equipment.:(

    After doing some searching online, I realized I could use a mason jar, pantyhose (I used knee highs), & some dry ice.:)

    I used the rest of the dry ice on my current grows.

    (its too dark in the coffee maker to see the ground up bud, had to scrape a good deal of resin from under the lid)

    (*well, in the past, I ended up with a little hash 'by accident' from grinding up my bud in my coffee grinder & ended up with a great deal of resin accumulated & stuck to the inside of the lid*)

    I've kept the (post extracted) ground up bud, still potent (just vaped some as I type this).

    Not expecting top quality hash, but, hey, pretty good for my 1st time.
    Here are my pictures:

    Attached Files:

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