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First time making firecrackers

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Slater 420, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. Like the title says..
    Im following this guide:
    The Most Simple Weed Recipe - ANYONE can make this! |

    Most people say that their firecrackers didn't work and apparently one of the main reasons is because you should heat the bud up first then sprinkle it onto the spread, i was gunna just grind it up but it wouldn't hurt to try this method

    I only have about .4 left then im dry and thats only a skinny j anyway so i thought why the fuck not try making edibles :smoke:

    I wont be eating them until 8 tonight but ill report back if im successful or not, my tolerance has increased a lot recently, a .5 Joint will only keep me high for about an hour and its a really weak high (its not crap bud, its as high quality as you can get in my area), ive been smoking about 1/4 a week for the past month though which is much more than i usually would so after this im taking a t-break, im not expecting much of a result from the crackers because of this :(
  2. if your tolerance is pretty high, you should heat the bud up. it increases the potency alot.
  3. ok thanks man, should i eat them on an empty stomach? i was thinking about filling myself up at 7 then 1 hour later eat the firecrackers
  4. Less food = Stronger, quicker kick-in.
  5. sweet, well im gunna have to eat first anyway so maybe ill eat at 6 instead haha
    just trying to perfect this, gunna suck if i fuck this up
  6. make sure you eat an hour before hand or your liver will eatup some of that goodness and it will be wasted. Also firecrackers suck n you probaly just wasted yourbud. Makecoconut oil if possible. Good luck OP
  7. The weed was a little darker after taking it out the oven, the nug fell apart like dust when i squeezed it though so it should be all good, sprinkled it on the spread and its in the oven now =)

    I want to eat them in 2 1/2 hours so where can i store them until i eat them?
    Shall i keep them wrapped in the foil and put them in the fridge or a tin or something?

    Btw, the smell of weed and chocolate in my house in incredible
  8. yeA just leave them in the foil. If you want yu can place in fridge or leave out. Dont get your hopes up, 8/10 times crackers fail
  9. #9 Slater 420, Mar 26, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 26, 2012
    ok cool ill unwrap them first to make sure they aren't completely black and burnt lol then ill probably put them on a plate in the fridge, anyway, ill be back later to report how it went :smoke:

    edit: just took them out the oven, look fine to me, much like the pictures i see online, they smell pretty nice, fucking hot atm so im leaving them wrapped in tin foil in a bag in my room for 2 hours
  10. Klauck -
    While I concede there are better edibles this seems terribly pessimistic. Where are you getting your statistics?

    Slater 420 - please post your results, and don't eat too much before eating the firecracker.
  11. ok its practically 8 o'clock, i ate a sandwich and some cereal about 90 minutes ago, stomach is pretty clear, gunna start munching on the firecracker now ..

    got a glass of milk beside me thinking id need it to wash it down but honestly its not too bad

    Imagine eating a nug covered in chocolate, it tastes like weed but its actually enjoyable haha just hope it works, ill be back in an hour or so
  12. Hope someone sees this within 45 minutes!

    I just got a phone call from a friend, he wants me to come smoke a joint with him, will this prevent the firecracker from working or possibly fucking up the high? i wanna go smoke so i can get high incase the firecrackers dont work or i can not smoke and pray that they do lol

    So yeah, would smoking in about 40 minutes affect it? i literally just ate the fucking thing
  13. Man go out and get high! It should still work IMO! I don't see how it would do anything but improve it, especially if it's the last time getting high for awhile, enjoy it with your buddy bro!
  14. I made it up, As I have tried crackers more then ten times and never once have they worked. I have read many posts by ppl stating they have also tried many times and it never worked. Maybe if you have absolutely no tolerance at all they may work a bit. Its a waste of weed.
  15. 8:00 - Ate it.. tasted surprisingly nice
    8:30 - Walked to meet a friend, kept asking myself if it was working.. eyes felt heavy but it was fucking freezing and i was exhausted walking up a hill..
    9:00 - Sitting outside friends house waiting for him to get a joint and my vision is slightly strange, similar to being high but i didn't feel high its hard to explain
    9.30-10:00 - After smoking a joint i felt stoned, it was bud from amsterdam so it fucked me anyway but i didn't smoke much of it
    11 - Im home, the high fgrom the joint has worn off but the edible high is still going strong, i can tell a difference between the two.. overall its definitely worked, only used .4, making another batch on friday with a gram in so that should knock me out

    typing this took 11 minutes and i got downed 4 times on zombies
  16. Highs practically finished, started around 9ish, ended about 1.30, so thats a good 4 hours and its still wearing off, not bad for a .4 cracker, definitely making a 1gram one on the weekend, probably gunna start experimenting with other kinds like butter and brownies etc most people moaned about the taste but mine was delicious haha

    edit: To anyone who wasn't successful with firecrackers, try wrapping the bud up in tin foil and putting it in the oven for 15 minutes, i think thats a pretty important part that most people don't do, im suprised i was successful first time
  17. If you woulda cooked that .4 in coconut oil you woulda been out COLD. None the less I'm glad to hear it worked for ya.

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