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Recipe First time making edibles??

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by WhiteGuy88, Jul 20, 2019.

  1. Ok so i did all my research and watched vids, i grinded up 7.8 grams and decarbed it at 240 degrees for 45 min, i than wrapped it in cheese cloth and put it on simmer for 3 hrs with 2 sticks of butter, i squeezed what was left in the cheese cloth into the bowl of butter, left it in the fridge over night, drained the water and remelted it and filtered out any little fragments, than i put it back in the fridge, when i remelted it down for my cookies i ended up with half a cup with 7.8 grams in, i ended up with 42 cookies, i looked up the math for edibles, each gram equallys around 1000 mg so 7.8 grams is 780 mg divided by 42 cookies i ended up with 18 mg a cookie? If anyone can tell me if i did this right please let me know, also for someone who never eats edibles how much of the cookie should be ate? Thank you

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  2. 42 cookies

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  3. 37ish mg a piece roughly. If my math is right???
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  4. Oh where did i go wrong? This is my first time, and how strong are these cookies

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  5. My wife’s middle Manning this information my friend lol. She’s the edible wizard around here.

    You were right lol. I read it to her wrong.
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  6. Lol ok, no big deal, so for a first timer eating edibles how much of the cookie should they eat?

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  7. It’s depends on tolerance. Every one is different. I’d guess eat 1. And see what happens. She uses oil instead of butter so hers are a little more concentrated.
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  8. Ok i was thinking half a cookie to start off with to be safe?? These are for my wife, she gets panic attacks easy so i didnt want her getting to strong of a dose

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  9. Btw northern lights is the strain i used for these edibles

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  10. My wife’s for the same reason. Anxiety is through the roof. I guess it’s what ever you or her are comfortable consuming. Try half and work your way up.
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  11. Ok thank you friend, has your wife found a good strain that works with her anxiety?

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  12. She likes blue dream the most thus far. Looking at growing an ac/dc for her here shortly to try out.
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  13. I have heard alot of good things about acdc, was anting to get some for my wife

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  14. I’ll probably grab some beans if I can find them within the next month. If I get to it before you I’ll definitely let you know the results.
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  15. Oh you’ll def get them before me, but yes please let me know, im alwyas on the search for a good strain for my wife, it helps me that we have that in common

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  16. I’ll definitely keep you in the loop my friend.
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  17. Your decarb was pretty accurate, but oven temps can be way off. 240 F for 40 min is the most popular decarb.
    Immediately after decarb, the herb is as potent as it will ever be, but our digestive systems won't be able to get more than a few percent of the thc into the blood steam.
    Heat plus lecithin improves thc digestion, but heat also can over-decarb already decarbed herb.
    3 hours of simmering probably over-decarbed.

    If decarb was 80% accurate due to simmer destruction of THC, and straining got 80% of the medicine, then 0.8*0.8 = 0.64 = 64% of the original thc-a made it into the final product as THC.

    Most good herb is around 15% thc, so the original herb had
    THC = (7800 mg Herb)*(150 mg THC / 1000 mg Herb) = 1170 mg THC
    Split among 42 cookies implies that
    1 Cookie = (1170 mg THC)/(42 Cookies) = 28 mg THC/Cookie
    But I suspect those cookies got only about 64% of the thc, so
    1 Cookie ~ 0.64*28 mg = 18 mg

    10 mg is probably enough for new users, but some people would be knocked out by that, and others would feel nothing.
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  18. My girl and I discovered that 10 mg of edibles for her is approximate to about 50mg for me, as far as our subjective experiences compare.

    She can smoke a ton but when it comes to edibles she's highly sensitive.

    She prefers to low-dose about 5mg, then, a few hours later, eats another 5mg. Otherwise it really knocks her out and she'll end up falling asleep.
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  19. @bkarnaze yeah it wasnt too bad for my first run, everyone that i gave them to said they needed to eat three just to get a good body buzz, idk what that means, did i simmer for too long or did i not add enough bud? Maybe i should have used 2 seperate cheese cloths and split it into 2 so i could get more out of it, idk, still learning, im atleast happy someone got some kind of feeling out of it

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  20. For edibles I like to start with a concentrate such as RSO, and use coconut oil instead of butter. Also, lecithin.

    As far as your process goes, I would add the buds to the oil/butter loose leaf style, and put it in a crock pot on low overnight, then filter the buds out with the cheese cloth.
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