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First Time Making Edibles For Senior Week

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by LilSeed, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. First of all I wanna say that I was unsure whether to put this thread here or in the incredible, edible herb thread. Sorry if I got it wrong.
    Okay so after I graduate this Thursday, everyone from my senior class is going to the beach for a week (and in the middle of the week I am going to a concert so I'm pumped for that). I want to make edibles but have never done it before. I actually did make a firecracker once but then smoked a bunch, got sick to my stomach, and ended up throwing up so I never really experienced the edibles high. I want to make a batch of brownies or cookies that will last me the all of senior week. I'm looking to be fairly stoned for most of the week especially the concert.
    Is it easier to make cannabutter or cannaoil? I think I am going to use about 7 grams of some fairly dank bud... is that enough? And I heard that eating edibles for several days can increase your tolerence...?
    Thanks for any input.

    Let me start by saying that for me personally Edibles are one of the best high's you can get. Although I've never had one every day for a week, I'm not sure how that's going to be for you, but good luck!
    Edibles are usually stronger than smoking and 0.5g is enough to get you nice and high, if you want to be z00ted you can go up to 1G. Do you know the Coffeeshop Paradox in Amsterdam? Their cake is famous because it's the strongest there is, I don't know how they do it, but their 1g cakes taste better and work better than all the others. If you have 7g I'd go for making cannabutter. Then try and look for a recipe online or in the edibles section. An easy way would be to make stuff in multiples of 7. So either 7 cakes, 14 cakes (2 at a time) or 21 cakes. (3 at a time).
    7g = 1g a day.
    The edible high should last between 4-8 hours and can sometimes go on for longer. Definitely for me, after I've eaten an edible I get a really nice buzz after the initial high.
    I'd ask this question in the Edibles section as the weed chefs of the internet might be able to help a little more.
    Hope this has helped somewhat :)
  3. IF you have them everyday for a week, your tolerance will SKYROCKET
  4. Yeah but if I were to just smoke like 2 grams a day instead it would still raise my tolerance and also cost more money.

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