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First time making concentrates. QWISO, butane, or other?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Aracratz, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. So I have a good connection for a cheap ounce of mids, and I really want to try making a concentrate. I really wanna try making a concentrate, but have never done it before. To those of you with experience, which method is the "best"? And are there any methods other than butane and ISO that would be good to do?

    I plan of grinding the bud and kief screening it before making the concentrate. Bad idea?

  2. For the best quality oil I would most definitely go with butane... but because you're new to making concentrates I would go with the qwiso. The problem is that you need more materials for butane extraction, while qwiso is as simple as having bud, a mason jar, iso alcohol, and a dish to evaporate the iso alcohol on. Before you can plan to make butane you need an extractor tube along with a suitable environment to sprain in (preferably not indoors or else it could get dangerous). Like I said though, butane will give you a better final product. If you're going to do qwiso, I would suggest not shaking the hell out of your iso bud mixture, this will definitely stir up plant matter and give you a less pure quality product. Good luck with whatever you do, concentrates are definitely worth the process to make them.

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