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First time making cannabutter.

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by ZaikO, Aug 17, 2017.

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    Hello friends, I'm new here so I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but I've been a heavy smoker for the past 5 years but I never got into edibles because people here are sketchy and I'd rather buy a dub and smoke than spend $20 on a brownie that does nothing, lately however it's been taking a toll on my lungs so me and my girlfriend decided to make our own edibles so I wouldn't have to smoke anymore but I could still be a pothead. I watched a couple of YouTube videos and I read through a lot of forums here and we decided we should just try it out. I recently lost one of my jobs (the highest paying one ) so we didn't really have a lot of money I used to buy an ounce at a time but now I buy 3.5s anyways I saw a lots of ways to make single servings of cannabutter but I guided myself with one video in particular where he made about 2 tablespoons with 0.5g of work. I had two grams so i was doing the math and decided I would throw the whole stick in there. Did I fuck up? Everywhere I look they say I should put in at the very least 7 grams per stick.

    TL/DR = I put 2 grams of weed into 1 whole stick of butter, will it even work?

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  2. Assuming you have good 15% thc herb, then the total thc in strained butter would be about
    (2,000 mg herb)*(0.15 mg thc)/(mg herb)/2 = 150 mg thc.
    Dividing by 2 is done to account for the straining process, which loses about half the potency.

    I have friends that get well medicated on about 20 mg, so for them, I'd split the strained butter up into about 8 servings of something, anything.

    If you still have the strained out plant matter, then it still contains about half the medicine, or another 150 mg thc. If I were in your shoes, I'd add that sludge back in, and make twice as many servings, or about 300/20, which would be 15. Any food recipe or mix should work, cookies, brownies, etc. Try to avoid adding too much more heat for too long, which could over-decarb slightly.

    You haven't ruined anything, assuming accurate decarb. The small amount of herb used just means that you'll have to eat a larger portion.
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  3. Thanks for the detailed reply, i wrote that formula down I didn't know it was like that. we ended up making cookies and they got me slightly buzzed although my girl kept mentioning how blasted she was (any reason for this? Is it my metabolism?) Also we never strained it we just let the butter cool as it was cause we like that buddy taste.

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  4. Sounds like you have done well.
    You have different tolerances, so you'll need to eat more than she does. I'd try 1.5 times as much next time, then twice as much the time after, etc, until you're happy.
    Don't judge your experience until you've tried a bigger dose. Some people would need half that herb to get medicated.

    Also, the same exact dose of the same exact edible can have different effects on the same person from day to day. I medicate mainly for sleep, and taking exactly the same dose of the same thing on the past two nights got me 4.5 hours last night with less high than the night before, which was 6.5 hours of sleep.
  5. I see I see thank you this is all very informative I have one last question, can I just spread this butter on some crackers and eat it like that? Or does baking it into something else boost the potency somehow. Cause I like crackers with butter.

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  6. I often mix decarbed, powderized herb into home made nutella, spread onto crackers to make small sandwiches, and eat. No addition heat is needed, although I usually let a bowl sit on my computer router for several hours @ 105 F. Time and / or very low heat might increase potency slightly, but I've made these and eaten immediately with zero heat, and they were fine. Some people just put ground, decarbed herb into capsules, swallow, and report good medication, although that doesn't work well for some people who do better with greater dilution of the herb into edibles.
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