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First time making Canna-Oil

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by GlassCactus, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. It took 30 mins to get one contact out. I can only half see from one eye, it feels like I'm in a different universe.
    Like what if there were mega alternate dimmensions? A new demension for everything
    I have or havent done all my paths and forks in my road.... All different universes. In another universe I met you guys, everyone in GC, I feel like I know them. Holy shit massive dejavu. Anyway This post is going to be horribly rambly aes I'm coming in and out of consiousness with trhe real world. I am the source dode. Fucking A im, dude, I look like a troll right now. But I'm pretty sure Im' writing like a journal. Likwsince i cant talk to people in rl, im writing them all down to read later ad understand wtf is gonig on. my keyboard is an alligator. ddude, i feel almost drunk, i just got my drink onnn guys. im so gone, like my sober consious is like "dude youre so faded you lok like a misquito splattered on a car 6t years ago. youre fucing gone man",. and ,y hgh mind is like "dfqoq3098ry67uu9o0=rgnkod l;RG231YU,654UO[;.'5R3
  2. Yea, thats what t feels like, I just reread that, I'm tripping balls. *Sober moment.*

    High momeent (btw like ill sbasd sover For a Few Miains, but then aferwards I ladsffkk high again.*&
  3. Everything feels like peanutbutter. Captains log i cant feel anything, mirroos' edge. brain, rescuse. the surbivors of tracels. ,ad this shit is deep./
    can you imagine the millions of organisms have dies in space? from whatever reason, alien races, accideents, how many lives the universe has taken? We have nothing to dear of the unknown. We need to fear the infinate. We know infinate, and that can save our entire racce one day.
  4. due my keyboard is a fucking racoon dude
  5. Lost in Love - Dj Micro
    When I listened to this... I felt like a leaf in the pond being rippled by my drum beats. Thne when she talked I pissed my pants i was son into it. brb gonna change my pants.
  6. That was literally THE highest I've ever been ever. Fuck yea. Woke up this morning and was still high till about noon when I got to work :D I'm gonna smoke some White Widow I got from my old baby sitter. Lol Shes like 65, and smokes regularly. She still watches my sisters while me and my parents are all at work so yea, shes my new dealer from now on. And her husband too, they both have the best weed everrrrr.
  7. Hahahaa just read all that, sounded fun :L
  8. Yea, was pretty awesome
  9. did u really piss ur pants?
  10. Actually, yes. A little. :D
  11. #32 GlassCactus, Aug 10, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 10, 2011
    OK! I got high last night and accidently ate all the peanutbutter I bought to make Firecrackers, so I'm gonna try a second attempt at cannaoil, with less oil, more bud and longer cook time.

    320 Degrees F
    30 mins
    1 FAT grinder full of high mids
    some damn olive oil

    Attached Files:

  12. You will enjoy it, I guarantee you :cool:

  13. GlassCactus- Here is a link to Badkat's write up for making oil. It works awesome. Only thing I personally change is I use hash. Still follow the directions to the T though. If you do 3 grams of dry hash to 1 oz of oil. Then every ml will be about 1 dose. If you use good hash that is.
  14. I live in a house where it is not generally tolerated, I work 6 days a week and dont usually get the house alone for more than 1 hour. I know its not the best way, or most efficient but thank you, really :) I'll book mark it for a rainy day. :) btw the finished product, not as dark as his, but pretty decent for not even slightly making it the right way.
  15. Go over to a friends for the day then... Make it there.
  16. I'll try, but I just drank about 1 and a half table spoons of it, possibly more. So I'll report back with the affects later.
  17. Oh shit. This is a bit much. Its a whole lot more potent. I did too much. Lol, like border on the edge of intense and scary. I almost like that feeling though, so its al good. Just as relazing as I expected from the last time I did. Da,mn
  18. im so gonna try this

    i tried peanut butter and ate it on a pb&j felt just tired for a few hours.. kinda couldnt move

    ate a firecracker with 1.2G's of high mids on it and was just like strait chillin for a 2 hour car ride with a massage chair feeling like i had orgasms on my back from it before passing out once i got home on my bed.

    is the oil really that good? :)
  19. Yea, its pretty good, but I have EXTREMELY low tolerance, and it never gets higher or anything, I smoke every night almost and I still get that "Wow, I'm freaking blasted" feeling, and I smoke some pretty good stuff, but that oil.... Maaaannnnn it puts me on my tail every time. The best thing to do is eat/drink your concoction then lay down and watch a movie, by the time the movie is hitting its climax you'll start to feel it, then when you get up after it's over it slams into you like a truck, and then it's like being John Lennon's musical notes for about 5 hours. I does ~1.5 table spoons of it and mixed it in a shake. That was a little too much for me, and I was high from about 9pm - 3am. Then went to sleep, and woke up about 10 am and still felt a tad buzzy. I usually have a very spacy body buzz, I can function if my mom or sisters come over, but just barely :p

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