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First time making Canna-Oil

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by GlassCactus, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Ok, so I've made a few edibles for my friends (I'm a pretty good chef) but never really eaten them. I'm making cannaoil fir the first time using a small jar with a tea leaf strainer and inside I have a very good size of lots of kief mixed with good mids ground almost into dust. Got it in the convection oven at 320 for 30 mins. Anyway, what should I expect and how much to dose to be high but not completely gone? Its in the oven now. About 10 mins left on it.

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    Time: 8 minutes
    (This will be the time of my replies in sync with how long its been since I started this experiment; i.e. 8 mins since I ate my first dosage.)

    Just finished it. I shot down 2 spoon fulls and "Dipped some fucking bread in it"
    tasted like crap and After about 20 mins I can feel a slight body buzz, along with some lightheadedness, normal mj beginnings. I'll keep it updated throughout my experience... Even if no one reads it haha. At least I'll have it documented for further review when I'm sober.

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  3. Dude, subbed
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    Time: 40 mins

    been about an hour since. Getting settled into the high. Feelingdumb. Gonna take more but I'm unsure because I ate a chimichanga. It feels like a really exciting rolercoaster going up a hill slow as balls and your sweating waiting for that kick as your heart races and your palms become clammy and you think to yoursaelf how dumb that cute girl is next to you screaming like a 2 year old and we haven't even gotten to the top mofos, yea this is just the beginning.

    ^ I'm trippin' lol.

    Edit: Oh btw, right after I posted this I felt like I fell into my chair and I feel like a sound wave. I feel like a bee hive.
  5. Time 1:15

    Just ate this rice with oil slathered on top, got almost done and almost threw up, not the best tasting. So I put it in pb and ate it (Mostly cuz pb is my favorite high food) and then tried some fruit cups with no syrup replaced with oil. both the crackers and fruit went down ok. Gonna take a shower and report back.
  6. You do realize that you're going to be fucked out of your mind by the time you report back?
  7. Dude, I don't even feel it :/ and it feels like I took like a 5 second shower. Lol I've been in the shower since my last post.
  8. You dosed properly, it's going to hit you eventually. Have plans?
  9. Ok its hitting me. Very.... Very slowly.More of a mind high, which is weird for edibles I hear. I just started like hallucinating my door being opened.
  10. Yea, got a bunch of mellow music, and some munchies at the ready. Oh shit. My mom just got home. Even though I'm 19 and she knows I smoke, she doesn't know whats in store from me tonight :D
  11. This thread is funny..
    I remember buying a hubby bar because my local dispensary recommended it for my condition. Never again will I eat an entire bar.
  12. Time: 2 hours, 45 mins

    Feeling pretty great. Sober mind keeps tripping while my high consious is feeling great. I like this high, but doesn't feel like Its at it's peak yet. My first dose was tiny and I took my second dose 1 hour after that so Prolly still another hour for full peak. But My body high it pretty comfortably intense. Somehow my mom found out I was high when she told me I had to make dinner (I never EVER make dinner) and it was pretty obvious when I was putting tinfoil in the mike cuz it was pretty. She was col but gave me those knowing motherly eyes like "Oh you ;)" Now I'm listening to music, I can see fractals at the corner of my vision but they're like cloudy. I'm still feeling like its gonna get more more intense. I almost want to do another dose. :D
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    Ok. So I didn't have much to experience and I'm basically done, nothing great like I hear, so I used a lot in a big milkshake and made a steak using the oil to greasy the pan. I have to work tomorrow so I'm gonna go to bed at 2am here. Starting my 3rd dose now. Back when I start to feel it. Hopefully third time's the charm :)
  14. About how much weed did you use?
  15. 2 grams of good mids. I have maybe an ounce of oil? I know its 2 grams of some nice mids and prolly .25g of pure kief and a lil hash. Covered it in oil and into the oven it went. I drank about 18th of it earlier then manned up and took about 2/3rds of the rest. Not sure whats gonna happen now. Feeling a light body buzz. But I just ate dinner so it will be a while. Wish I didn't use it all on the oil so I could get high until I get high :)
  16. I HAVE to have done this wrong. I don't feel anything. Blarg! Next time its firecrackers we go. I'll keep this alive until then I hope. THEN I'll make this shit right.
  17. What was the ratio weed to oil? Gram/ounce. What temp did you have your oven at? Did you cover it or leave it uncovered?


    You might be like me. Edibles just don't really hit me very hard.
  18. 2grams/ounce; 325 for 30 mins; covered; and maybe yea :)
    I'm gonna make fire crackers tomorrow, but as for tonight I'm gonna drink the rest of this oil. Making a milk shake. Be back in a little when I make it up and stuffs.
  19. Just downed that milkshake. It was about 32oz of milkshake to about 1 oz of oil. Been about 10 mins. My body has the rumblies. (Usually my first sign of getting high)
  20. IAfter I felt like it didn't work I layed down to watcha movie. Then about an hour later I got up, felt normal, drove my sister's bf home and on the way back I was trying to wait until the stop sign said go and turned green. I'm fucking toasted

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