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first time making brownies

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by mrgong, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. Okay so i'm probably going to sound like an idiot but i'm going to explain how i made brownies a few hours ago and ask you guys if you think it will work (I don't have time to try them until Sunday).
    I boiled a pot of water, then put 3/4 cup veggie oil and 4 grams grinded bud into another pot, which i placed inside the boiling pot of water
    i waited like 40 minutes and stirred a few times
    Then I just used the oil to make the brownies just like the box directed us to do otherwise.
    I've heard of people using this boiling water method before to keep the oil from lighting on fire (it happened to my friend)
    however, I'm wondering if 40 mins is enough time at 212 degrees to get enough thc extracted to get us stoned
    I kind of doubt it, which is a bummer because that was the last of my sack till i pick up a fresh half oh in a day or so and i didnt really want it to go to waste

    anyways, thoughts?
  2. thanks for the link, ill definitely try something like that next time i do it. do you think my oil will have extracted enough goodies to feel anything though?

  3. Possibly..only one way to know. ;)
    I would rather have the oil and bud with no water over a low heat setting and let it simmer for an hour or so; stir often so it doesn't burn. :smoke:
  4. gotcha, thats what i will do with the next batch even if these ones work, because theres no way i could have extracted all the thc with so little heat for only 40 mins.
    thanks again

  5. just an update- they did indeed work, had to eat a fair bit of them obviously, but the experiment was a success :smoke:

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