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    I was wondering if you guys could help me clarify a few things. I've seen people talk about using unbleached coffee filters for the bottom. My particular extraction tube is from extraction experts and they give you 2 50U Micron screens. I was wondering if anyone has had experience with these and if they work well? (Im worried about having a blowout, since Im doing an ounce for my first time). The majority of the nugs are fairly dense and large, but I plan to have them down to dime and nickel size nugs when I pack them. (I have heard that whole nugs gives a purer yield, and ground up bud can lead to possible chlorophyll contamination). I was also wondering what preference you guys have on the way you purge your product or how you make different types like amber glass, wax, honeycomb, etc? Any feedback on this would be great. Thanks. :smoke:
  2. A few quickie answers:

    On my first BHO tube the only blowout we had to worry about was from our coffee filters. We used organic bamboo filters or something similar. We then used electrical tape to hold it into place. I always double filtered it just to be sure, though I did 1/4 ounce at maximum.

    On the other hand, I always had mine ground up. I've never used nugs because chlorophyll isn't an issue with BHO at least not for me. I'll show you below.

    Anyway I now own an O'Kief tube and the website for Extraction Experts looks very similar to O'Kief so I have to imagine they are near similar.

    Anyway on my O'Kief tube (stainless steel) there is a metal mesh screen (idk the micron size) and its held on by a cylinder clamp you can find at a home improvement store. The type that are also under your hood - they are cylinders and clamp tighter with the twist of a screw driver flathead. The clamp usually have the grooves or holes cut into them for the screw to grab and pull/push for tension.

    I notice they also have glass tubes so using a metal clamp on freezing glass could be a bit dangerous if you bump it or it's too tight.

    But blowout should only be a concern for rubber bands for the most part and coffee filters.

    I purge mine with time and scraping it a lot to really let out all the bubbles and everything.

    I tried to make wax my first time but it didn't really happen - and I've heard it's a drier, decarbed, less potent form of the BHO because the THC and all degrades into CBN's and CBD from the heat.

    Good for pain, less best for high.

    Ground bud colors:


  3. BHO confuses the shit out of me...i understand its a concentrate but i don't have the slightest clue how its made

  4. I always found it confusing too, Until i looked it up on youtube, It actually looks really easy, as long as you have all your materials needed at hand and ready to use.

    It can also be very dangerous ive heard, No bho indoors. Gotta make that shit outside.
  5. Very nice feedback. Organic bamboo filters, never heard of that. If I can't find that I was gonna get some unbleached filters. I just read that my micron filter should be used ALSO with 2 filters to prevent blowout, 3 if I didn't have my metal mesh screen. My extraction tube come with that clamp, so I should be good to go. Im trying to follow this video as much as I can for the purging process. [ame][/ame]. It seems a bit difficult to try to achieve your first try, but practice makes perfect. Again, thanks for the feedback.

  6. You take really good butane - the kind that is filtered 5 times and has no bitterent added - and you shoot it through a tube filled with bud. Some people like me grind it all up, some people use smaller nugs. I prefer surface area to worrying about pressure build up. I know how long it should take for the BHO to start coming out.

    Butane is more of a selective solvent for cannabis. Alcohol works well too but can start extracting the chlorophyll, plant waxes, etc. making the hash less 'pure' filling up with plant matter.

    On the other hand butane will run though this tube, collect all the cannabinoids, and come out as a liquid through the bottom of the tube. So the weed doesn't shoot out from pressure, you have to filter it. I have a metal screen as OP does, some home rigs or glass rigs use coffee filters and rubber bands/ tape.

    The butane liquid will come out of the coffee filters looking yellow - sort of like piss - and you keep shooting the butane down the tube into your Pyrex dish until it starts coming out as clear liquid.

    Eventually the butane will all 'boil' off by evaporating rather fast because it's boiling temperature is well below temps we see regularly. Once it's boiled off, all that you are left with is:

    Honey sticky hash oil
    Half can of butane
    Pyrex dish
    2 razors
    Oil tube.

    It is easy. Easier and faster than QWISO. Ready faster also.

    BHO is a NO NO indoors. The butane will all pool around the floor and the slightest ignition - your refridgerator, static electricity, pilot light, whatever.

    And you have ourself a nice little explosion.

    OUTDOORS ONLY. With no friends doing anything stupid like talking on the phone or smoking.

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