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First Time making BHO (Very Dark)

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by Woodchuck12, Jul 3, 2011.

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    I got a few lbs of trim from a friend, and it's pretty good trim, very dry and has popcorn buds and bits of hash in it (compressed kief from trimming machines). I put it in the freezer and it was frozen. So I was going to make some BHO.
    The extractor I was using was a 1fl oz glass turkey baster, and it was pretty small. I definitely couldn't fit an oz of bud in there, so I had to do it a couple times. I put the frozen bud in there, not too tight, and then put the tip on the end, and coffe filters with rubber bands over the other end and shot the butane through. I shot it until it started spraying out the end then kept shooting for 5 secs, then let it drip through. After it stopped dripping I shot a little bit more through and shook it to get all I could out. I did this 4-5x to get a full oz of trim done. after I did that 4-5 times, I put it in boiling water to evap the butane, then went in and purged it. My BHO turned out really hard, and dark, almost black, and it's hard to break off of the razor blade at room temp, like frozen wax. It get s me pretty high, but the videos and pics I was seeing were really golden looking honey oils, and amber colors, not black. What did I do wrong? Should I grind the trim before? Get a bigger extractor?

    EDIT: Also,if I ground up some of the trim before hand, and shook it through a screen to get kief, then filled my extraction tube with trim, and kief would it make the BHO more potent?
  2. Hey man. Recently had the same issue and I believe it's from getting the oil too hot during the purge. I used a double boiler and had it on High. This may be to blame. Try purging longer time at lower temp.
  3. Yeah, I've ran into the same problem as well. I'm going to try it again this week with a few different ideas in mind. I'm going to let the butane dissolve at a lower temp and not use anything other then a hot water bath, but also im going to whip it before using a razor to scrap it a lot, whip until tired, then set in sun for 30m-1hr. then whip more and more. I saw this video that the guy did it and it came out looking like carmel. Let me try and find the video for you.

    Edit: [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFFBV_3McdQ&feature=related[/ame]
  4. the problem is definitely too much heat in purging. impatience, the reason why almost all qwiso hash is dark black grossness, but the same can happen with bho. dont rush the process, the butane will leave on its own even without heat. just keep whipping it in the dish and letting it sit. youll see it start out gooey and every few hours little bubbles rise to the surface, then you whip it again and eventually its pure as shit. my favorite thing to do is just whip it and leave it in the sun for a while. nice natural purge
  5. If you are using stems and scraps you get out what you put in. Try with something decent. With a pyrex in another of hot water just keep whipping for like ten to twenty minutes and swap out the water a couple times as it cools and you should be good. Mine always comes out beautiful amber like almost caramel depending on the strain.
  6. Don't freeze the trim as it limits the amount of trichomes that can be dissolved. Like bongstand said, you were impatient. Purge at a lower temperature.

    And bognstand....you must be making some crappy QWISO, Mine comes out a golden amber dust.
  7. [quote name='"washedmothafuka"']Don't freeze the trim as it limits the amount of trichomes that can be dissolved. Like bongstand said, you were impatient. Purge at a lower temperature.

    And bognstand....you must be making some crappy QWISO, Mine comes out a golden amber dust.[/quote]

    Yea don't freeze the bud. I made that mistake and learned that a long time ago.
  8. So many a time have my runs been soiled because i left the oil on the coffee warmer too long, once you start to smell the terpenes aerate the temp has gone too high and the color and consistency go out the window. BHO 101
  9. Don't freeze the bud like others have said, if it's already frozen, I'd leave it out for a day on some kind of tray. Any moisture in your herb, or chamber will cause problems. Like Darker oil or could even cause blow back.
    Also heat can cause darker oil.
    As well as grinding up your herb. The best trick is to finger bust it into very small popcorn nugget sized buds.
    If its too fine it goes dark.
    I've had some hash powder that I made into bho and it was literally almost black, although it was strong, it lacked the gold colour:p
  10. Dont grind your trim ever. Thats not gonna help with anything. I've never ran into any problems freezing my material. I've never had a pound though lol I usually pack my tube, throw it in a freezer bag and into the freezer before blasting. never had issues.
  11. alternatively if you think you're having issues purging you can put a little bit of iso in the tray before you shoot the butane through, its sort of like pre-winterising i guess? you may want to wait until someone else adds input though because ive never tried it myself, just putting it out there
  12. It's not pre-winterizing, its just to keep your bho from becoming too thick as its evaporating, so that bubbles never form and butane doesn't get trapped, its more like a pre-purge, by the time the ISO is gone the butane that is left in the product is minuscule compared to a product that was made by just blasting butane on dry dish because all the butane could easily escape the viscous product, you can just collect it, and heat vac the remaining alcohol out once its evaporated.
  13. First off, id say ditch that turkey baster and go down to your local head shop and buy an extractor tube. They usually are made to fit an Oz. So you won't have to do so many blasts,,and they're usually only around $35. That being said,,,what I do is pack an oz(buds or trim) into the tube,and put two(2) 320ml cans of butane per oz,,u can do 3 just to make sure but it is kind of excessive. You can always let a drop of butane hit yur finger and evap, if its still sticky it means there's still THC in yur tube. I blast into a 13x10 Pyrex,that sits on an Oster warming tray, and has a oil slick pad protecting against hot spots. I never exceed 118 degrees F,both while blasting and purging,,,slow and steady wins the race here. Low temp is the key to having clear amber oil. DO NOT grind your product. This will introduce countless amounts of plant matter into your oil and will burn if the temp is too high,or give your oil a gross green axle grease look(and no one wants to smoke that)At NO point in time,this dimension or the next, should you ever whip you BHO,I repeat DO NOT WHIP! Whipping destroys terpenes and actually adds water from the atmosphere to your bho, therefore resulting in a half as potent smelling product and when it hits a nail it will snap crackle and pop. Try selling that to a patient. If its for personal consumption and u don't care,,,then whip the shit outta it. But you will never get sexy amber glass shatter if you whip. So a quick recap----do not grind your product,do not whip your product and Absolutely don't use too high of temperatures for purging. Also if you are going to make Alcohol hash,,,don't be a jackass and use 151 rum,,rum is made with sugar which thc binds to and you will have a sweet blackish burnt sugar hash(gross)
  14. I also freeze my trim and have zero issues,,I tried to attach a pic but I'm on my phone and couldn't
  15. What is wrong with over-purging? (aside from the obvious lower yield) does it effect the smoke?
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    Why did you resurrect this thread???
    and two cans through one ounce is wayyy to much solvent, where are people getting these ideas?
  17. Hey guys, im new to bho. ive spent so much time reading the bho threads over the last few weeks. i got my equipment, did my first run yesterday, and it was all looking perfect like i was gonna have golden stained glass. it didnt quite shatter for me and its super dark. if i roll it SUPER thin it has a nice color. the thing is its 95-100 degrees outside where im at, so should i blast into ice water to get it not so dark? since everyones saying lower purge temperatures. i didnt use any heat or anything i just let it boil off by the heat outside. it took about 5 minutes
  18. ^^ same

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