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    hi my first time using led the plants (autos) are 6 days (trileaf 7) old used t8 before i switched to leds 3 days ago

    i was comparing my seedlings and the ones with t8 were little bigger

    the ones under led seedlings look very tight

    i am curious if im not giving too much light at this stage?just dont want to stunt them this early

    using 600w led with veg mode switched on

    height 24inches from the seedlings

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  2. you do not need that much power . but it will not hurt any thing. keep it up looking good
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  3. 600w actual watt led? Or is it closer to 300 watts? If so with only the veg switch on that's not to much light at all probably 100-110 watts I'd imagine you'd have to check the specs to see..

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  4. true 300w

    could i keep it on full spectrum at this height?
  5. Eh you could leave just the veg switch on for a week or two if you want to save on power. Flower is when they need all you got to really dense up those buds during the limited budding time.

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  6. both switches are now on for a day looks like theyre loving it
    light hanging at 26 inches

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  7. Tight is good. You don't want the nodes spread out. Mine are usually spaced about an inch apart when I get the light at the optimal height. I prefer my t5 for early veg and then switch to led after about two weeks out of the cloner. What kind of light is it? With the veg setting you will keep the temps down and can set the height closer to the plants which will allow the nodes to grow tightly packed. When you switch to flower I would back it off several inches to make sure you don't burn or bleach the plant.

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  8. its viparspectra 600w
    tought why not to switch both because im growing autoflowers?plus IR works only with both switches it says helps with growth so another reason

    i hope 28 inches is ok hehehe

    temps 25c humidity 40%

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