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  1. Hi everybody! I have been a lurker on this forum for a while, but now im ready to start my journal. First Ill start by listing off what kind of equipment i have.
    Bud Room 1
    2 x 1000 watt next gen ballasts
    2 x Ultra Cool xl 8 " flanged sealed hoods
    2 x 1000 watt hortilux bulbs
    8" High output can fan with 4' tall filter
    1 14" oscillating fan
    4" dayton blower (intake straight off AC)

    Bud Room 2
    1 x 400 watt future brite ballast
    1 x sunleaves sealed hood
    4" can fan and carbon filter combo
    1 x 400 watt hortilux bulb

    Veg room
    1 x 6 bulb t5 high output flourescent

    cloning room
    2 x 2 bulb 24" flourescent fixture

    Bag Mix
    Happy frog potting soil

    Fox farm grow big( veg)
    fox farm Tiger bloom ( bud)
    GH Diamond nectar ( bud)
    Hygrozyme( all the time)
    botanicare Sweet ( bud)
    Botanicare silica blast ( every once in a agreat while)
    fox farm Big Bloom ( bud Once a week)

    All of these rooms are contained to the same area in my basement, The reason i have 2 bud rooms is because I have been experimenting with several diff kinds of seeds. Id hate for a male or a hermie to pollinate the whole garden.
    Current Strains
    Rose Bud ( original)
    Candy ( hawaiian indica x skunk1)
    BlueBerry Punch( romulan x Blueberry)
    Lemon G
    Rasta Berry

    New strains im working on
    Romulan bagseeds ( randoms that came from a romulan bud)

    Currently I have 32 Plants under the 2000 watts they are going to veg for 2 weeks then ill flip the switch. They are mostly strains im familiar with the romulan crosses are in that room and i had 11 seeds that look to be female so far.( well see). Average height of the plants right now is 2'-3'. I will be doing some severe topping before flowering this room to maximize the potential of plants. In the other room i have 4 gspots ( from seed) all the phenos look realtively similar one of them has a weird thing going on where half the plant looks normal and the other half is deformed looking. Not going to keep that one around. well enough rambling for now fellow blades. I will take pictures tonight and hopefully get them up here tomorrow for you all to see what im working on. Id love to get input(once the pics are up) from a augustwest, sergio, gizmoe , dafinestsniper and a few others on here so please take a look at what im doing.
  2. Where do i host my pictures?
  3. figured out how to host pictures just had problems with my laptop while i was up[loading, I promise ill have them up soon
  4. Dude, Sounds like you have a pretty heavy duty set up goin on there. Best of luck to you. I will be especially interested in hoe the Ice comes out as i have just put an order in for that amongst others:D
  5. sorry about the delay on the pics i will have some tonight for sure , Im going to try something different this time , im going to spray the foliar with seltzer water i heard that this will increase the co2 for the plants.

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