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First time joint, Mach 2

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by a+stoner, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. Sup blades, I posted a picture earlier last week about my firdt time joint, well and it was alright. This time I tried the dollar Method and I highly recommend. What do you guys think? ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1392242109.414144.jpg

    Not your average smoker 😏
  2. Invest in a rolling machine...  -_-
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    Looks like if i hit it ill have half a gram of weed fly in my mouth
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  4. actually hit well

    Not your average smoker 😏
  6. Hahahaha!
  7. sorry dude :( only my second time rolling

    Not your average smoker 😏
  8. It looks good :) you could use a little more practice on the filter end but your roll looks solid for your second time! You wouldn't want to see the first few joints I rolled haha they were disastrous. 
  9. #9 Guest, Feb 13, 2014
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    OP I highly suggest you do this IF you have paws and no thumbs, like a dog, or if your fingers do not work.
    Otherwise keep at it, you'll get better in no time!  
    Soon you'll be rolling like this….. :smoke:

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  10. Don't listen to this guy, you don't need crutches to hit well. Just make sure your pulling end isn't loose and flabby so it lets stuff get by.
  11. well you aren't very inviting are you?

    Not your average smoker 😏
  12. your roll game is SHIT bro try again or get a JOINT-ROLLER
  13. I never claimed to have a great "joint game". Take your condescending attitude somewhere else. Also, are you trying to yell "joint roller" at me? I don't understand the use of caps. THANKS

    Not your average smoker 😏
  14. what's your problem? daddy leave you? jesus, gc has gotten some real a-hole members since I started lurking a few years ago..
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  15. IM SORRY THAT YOU CANT ROLL A SIMPLE FUCKING JOINT  :hide:                 YOU COULD BE CHEIFEN LIKE THIS GUY BUT U SUCK   :smoking: .............................. :ey:
  16. thank you
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    r kinda a dick
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  19. Big boy here
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