First time is always the best!

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  1. Hey guys i have been thinking about my first time blazing and just really wanted to write it down so heres how it goes.

    Me and my friend are planning to sleep over at his house (This was like 8 billion years ago by the way) and our other friend wont leave us alone at school so we just decide to let him come. So we get there and just start hard core gaming lol we were nerds and eventually it becomes night time. My friends mom and dad decide to go to a tequila tasting party so we just decide to ask his sister to pick up for us. She goes out and gets us a teenth of some dankies and we go out to the back porch where we all sit.
    "We are gonna smoke the first bowl with you guys and then bounce." She said.
    We decided that this was fine and packed the first bowl of course the picker upper should always get the first hit so she takes her hit out of the dry piece and passes it to the left. It takes what seemed to be for ever to get to me and since it was my first time did not know quite what to do my friend explained everything and i fired it up and took my hit. Note to any newbies dont take the biggest hit possible when you first blaze it is so painful lol. ao i cough cough cough cough and eventually the bowl comes back to me after my friends take another hit. I immiediately felt the effects and exclaimed " This is what i want to do for the rest of my life" I decided to go eassy on the next one and just cashed the bowl nice and slow. His sisters bounced and we decided to pack another bowl and fire it up. I got the first hit and it was so damn tasty!. We cashed that bowl in like two seconds and packed the neext. I admit i am a lightweight so i was about ready to puke after the third bowwl was done. We all went inside and did the usual spray, eyedrop, mouthwash routine and were so fucking baked. We got out guitar hero and started jamming until the muchies kicked in. We had perfect bbq sandwiches and i decided to eat everything in the fridge. As i did so i would walk back and forth across the hall and it seemed like i would zone out for a split second and i barely could control what i saw. I hallucinated my friends mom in quick flashes in the air and sortave freaked out but not really then i decided to sit down and game. I was just not competitive at all so i just decided to just sit there and think. So many sick thoughts came into my head and i wanted to right something down but i couldnt. I was to melt into the couch to get up. I was so nervous at first about his parents getting home at first but they did and i did not even noticed, nor did i give a fuck. Eventually we all fell asleep and woke up the next day remonessing for a while :smoke:
    So tell me what you think and tell me ur stories
  2. First post, so congrats. But I didnt read it all :smoke: sorry to high at the moment.
  3. Lol ya god i fucking hate non legit dealers i wouldve been high all weekend if it wasnt for this one girl s
  4. i smoked first with my cousins and i still do but it was always nervous because my mom is a hippie but doesn't want a "pot smoker" and i have always respected her but eh its all good now and always will especially now that I'm older
  5. Ya man my mom said she doesnt want me too so what i do is put a towel on my door pull out the weed and use a dube tube to disguise the smell:smoke:

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