First Time Is Always A Mystery

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    Hey, I am a first time grower and really have had no advice on any aspect besides what i read on the web. I started my plant April 16th from seed. I have no clue what kind of strain this plant is. I just used regular potting soil i got at a store and a art lamp that i had laying around. I got a ph tester but it is worthless in my opinion so i have no idea what my ph is, I have not added any nutrients at all but it still seems to have nute burn"I think". Really all i am looking for is some advice on what maybe i should do to the plant to increase yield and hopefully survive the entire time. It is 37 days old today.

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  2. I also got two fans in there for air circulation, i am not sure about the temperature in the room either. The growth has kind of seem stunted lately. Were it not really getting any taller just bushier. I dont plan on doing any cuttings or such cause i like to stick to the term "If it isnt broke then dont fix it"
  3. what would i use if i wanted to raise the ph some? lime?

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