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  1. Hey guys i have regulary produced my fav herb out doors with much success .( i usualy get around 10oz per plant somtimes more somtimes less ) For the first time i am going to be growing in doors , for many reasons .( my children dont need to know what it is , i cant say its tomatoes any more , they are gettting to old ) Now i will be using a bought tent straight off the rack 1.8 m , 1.8 m .2 m in size . What i would like to know is , what is the best lighting spectrum to use for vegging and flowering . I have read a little on led lights, are they more benificial . I was thinking of using 400 w lights will that be enough . and what colour lights should i be using to maximise my crop potential . Looking forward to hearing from people who actualy know wtf they are doing rather than the 15 year old down at the hydro shop .:smoke: Keep tokin
  2. my first thought is don't get any led's to much $ and not as good. you can veg with almost anything but if you want some bomb meds you need a hps for flowering size would be min 400w with clfs up to a 1000w by it self. light is all most every thing for the indoor grower so do it right the first time. all so you'll want a vented hood it helps with heat in small area. sweet o and here are some veg light i use 4 of them and that's it[ame=] LimoStudio - PB105 Regular Twist Medium Screw Base Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb, AGG121: Electronics[/ame] and i add 4 of these with my 400w hps [ame=] LimoStudio - PB105 Regular Twist Medium Screw Base Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb, AGG121: Electronics[/ame] works grate. any thing els let me know. lates
  3. I don't 100% agree with the last post, I have seen some good looking buds with led. But I do agree with his/her thought on HPS/MH. 400W would be Nice 600W you could get away with not using side lighting.

    I run a 400W MH for veg and a 1000W for flower (but I have no Kids) I would be inclined if you are going to do this all in a single tent to I would get as other poster said an air cooled reflector and go with the 600W MH/HPS you can get ballasts that switch between the too so you don't have to buy a ballast for both. Also because stealth is a concern to you you might wanna look into a big ass carbon filter and vortex fan of some sort.
  4. thank you guys for the "heads" up on lighting , helps me heaps
  5. ok so here is what i have . I have built an 2 meter x 2 meter room lined floor walls ceiling with that stuff that looks like hammer coated alluminium i have 2 exhausts leaving the room via 150mm inline vents i have one intake vent 150 mm with controlled air @ 27/25 c coming in .600 watt veg light and i have another globe for flowering on adjustable chain for height. Now my question is this , if i have plants in the green house vegging for 6 weeks then put them indoors to flower will that work ? the reason i ask this is so i can have them constantly going into the veg room every 4 weeks ,max of 6 plants in the flower room at once . This way i will have a harvest every 4 weeks of around 3 to 6 ounces . As i dont need much medication 1 joint lasts me a day for pain relief . Will it work ? Only thing i am worried about really is the chance of getting a hermi . Oh btw i have seeds that perform indoor aswell as outdoor aperantly . Keep tokin peace

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