First time indoors (DWC). Gonna need help :D

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  1. Hey GC! How is everyone tonight??​
    Setting up equipment in grow room today.. Hey, it's a start!​
    4, 5gal Bubble buckets(with 3?gal net pots and circular air stones)
    - 430w HPS
    4way air pump (254 CPH)
    -  Digital humidity/thermometer
    Digital pH tester
    Gen. Hydro pH up&down kit
    Gen Hydro Flora gro, bloom, and micro
    -  1in rockwool cubes
    -  3 clock operated switches
    Mylar or more emergency blanket to cover entire walls​
    More hydroton pebbles​
    Air Circulation​
    This is my first indoor and hydro grow!
    Any tips appreciated! :love:  :gc_rocks:  
    Am I missing any equipment(odor isn't an issue)?
    Is the ballast safe on the floor?
    Is 430w enough for 4 plants?
    Any strain suggestions? Too many for me to choose!lol
    I'm way too excited, so I'm praying I get some feedback!
    Much love and respect
    - Dr. L

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    How big is the grow space? 
    How big do you want those plants?
    Fem, reg, or auto plants?
    Have a MH and HPS NEW bulbs? 240v?
    PPM tester?
    RO system (if you don't have clean water)?
      Ballast is not good on the floor, set it on a milk crate if anything.
    Seeeds, I'd start simple. like NL. I went white widow for my first. I had a nice learning experience. 
  3. I'm using the same rootspa for my first time>_>
    Subbed, hope you start soon, what seeds were you thinking about using?
  4. If you can get a bit longer hoses run the air pumps and keep the ballast outside the grow area.
    About 5x5
    Not totally huge, but not puny 
    I plan on getting feminized 
    Ive got two 430w HPS. 1 used, 1 brand new
    No PPM tester, is it absolute necessary? 
    Ive got a water purifier
    Me and the ol lady were thinking about WW actually, so I think we'll go with that! Thanks! :hello:   
  6. How can i upgrade hoses? Thanks Snoop the OG :D

    Still not sure, maybe widow. You??? :D
  7. New bulbs are best. 
    A ppm tester is pretty much mandatory for hydros. 
    Make sure to read the seed bank thread b4 ordering. If you haven't already. unless you have  good seeds. 
     you'll have to check ppm's of your water b4 determining you need a RO system. 
    Snoop and I are lucky to have under 50 ppm from tap. 
    Purifier and RO is a dif thing. If you have a salt style filter, don't use it. unless you plan on growing salt. 
  8. 10-4 :yay: ! I will order one tomorrow! 
  9. This includes your already ppm in your water. so the less  bad ppm you have, the more good ppm you get to add. 
    Seedlings and clones 300-400ppm 5.3-5.5 ph
    early vegg 500-600ppm 5.3-5.6 ph
    middle vegg 600-800ppm 5.4-5.6 ph
    late vegg 800-1000ppm 5.5-5.7 ph
    early flower 1000-1300ppm 5.5-5.7 ph
    middle flower
     1400-1600ppm 5.5-5.8 ph
    late flower 1000-1100ppm 5.5-5.7 ph
    ripening 300-500ppm 5.4-5.6 ph

    seedlings and clones 250-350ppm 5.3-5.5 ph
    early vegg 300-500ppm 5.3-5.6 ph
    middle vegg 500-700ppm 5.4-5.6 ph
    late vegg 700-900ppm 5.5-5.7 ph
    early flower 1000-1100ppm 5.5-5.7 ph
    middle flower
     1100-1300ppm 5.5-5.8 ph
    late flower 800-1000ppm 5.5-5.7 ph
    ripening 300-500ppm 5.4-5.6 ph 

  10. I went with some THC Bomb.
  11. I couldnt get a ppm tester but I got ppm test strips, it goes: 0, 150, 200, 300, 400. Can I use em untill i can get ahold of tester?
  12. I have the same pots x2. it can work with the strips, but your target goal is gonna be 800-1000 ppm. Hit up amazon, I got mine there for around 20$
  13. What's your water ph normally at? You'll definetly need a quart size bottle. I burned through the 8 Oz ph down in a week. My water comes out of the filter at7.8.
  14. OK guys so my water comes out a bit less than 100 PPM, and a pH of around 4.
        I haven't received my WW seeds yet(only been a week lol) but in the meantime I've been experimenting with an AeroGarden Spacesaver 6 I found at a garage sale.​
      Figured i could possibly use it for cloning or something when I get started with the big boy stuff.  :smoking:
    About my air circulation. I am in an apartment and the closet is actually a laundry room lol I was thinking I could maybe exhaust(with carbon filter) out of where the dryer would exhaust heat. What do you guys think?  ​
  15. sure! Let me upload em to the pc :bolt: BrB

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