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  1. Ok, so I'm wanting to grow indoors and am super interested in growing nothing but the best and the sweetest of haze. That said, Is there anyone who knows how to grow haze? I was made aware of a few things but nothing helpful enough to start. That said, is there anyone who grows haze on the regular and can give me some tips.


    I'm still configuring my grow station so at the moment, I'm just looking for tips and tricks on how to successfully grow haze.

    Thanks in advance



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  2. You grow haze the same way you grow any other marijuana plant.
  3. MrGoodSmoke has hit the answer perfectly in the center of the target.

    It would help if you told us if you're going soil or hydro and what type of hydro of that is it.

    The basics are the same regardless of what strain you're growing. Each strain *does* have it's own tolerances to heat, light and nutrients, but experience with growing that strain will teach you it's specific likes and dislikes.

    The trick is to start with the minimum of everything and work it up on your first "test" crop, to a point in each category where the plant starts having negative reactions to what you've increased.

    You have to start with:

    1. 1/4 strength nutrients.

    2. Lights at 5,000 lumens per/sq ft and at maximum height from the canopy.

    3. Temps at 78F above ground or media.

    4. Humidity at 30-60%

    5. Root zone temps at 78F

    6. High quality soil that is free of insects.

    7. At least one gallon per/foot of plant height in soil.

    8. Plenty of air circulation and fresh air.

    These are some of the very basics. Once you've established your grow, then you start increasing one of the variables at a time. When you get to a point at which your plant has negative reactions to a change, you back up to the last good point and start with another of the variables.

    You are correct in one way; if you find someone who is also growing the exact same strain as you have, from the same seed bank or clone bank, then you can duplicate what that person has done successfully and save yourself some time.

    Good luck on finding that combination. I hope you do. If not, you'll want to start anyway with the basics. I'd be glad to help you all you need. It's best to do that in the open forum so that others can learn while you do.

    You post the specific questions in this thread and I'll help answer them.
  4. If you can tell us a total budget we can help yo put together the most efficient system for the money, and probably help you find a good deal on seeds online. Let us know what you got going in there buddy!
  5. Well I want to grow both Hydro and soil. I don't actually have my inventory list, that belongs to my partner. My thing specifically was asking what did I need as far as lights and such went. If possible, I'm tryin to keep my budget pretty low, I mean i don't wanna spend anything close to 1,000.00. So if you guys could suggest some items for me, I'd be more than happy.

    As for seed bank sites, I've used attitude and long story short, I got whored. I gave the wrong zip code and it never got here. When tracking the package it said it had already left the us and when I got in contact with Attitude they said there was nothing they could do about it, but assured me some free items if i ordered from them again. So if you know of any safe and reliable sites to get seeds from, that would also be very helpful too.
  6. hurgrywolf, how large of an area in square feet are you going to use to grow in with either hydro or soil. If both, how many square feet for each?

    How tall of a ceiling?

    How many plants do you intend to grow in the hydro and how many in soil?

    Are you growing from seed each time?
  7. I would pick one or the other. Hydro or soil. Exception being if you wanted to maintain mother plants in soil.

    If you do hydro, use bubble buckets. They're foolproof is you follow instructions, and if you do a grow journal, I'll answer any questions I can to help there. That's how I grow so I could help alot.

    Also, as the above poster said, what kind of space are you working with? I grow in a grow tent inside a walk in closet. Some people have basement rooms full of plants.

    If you grow in an enclosed area, think about that you want the temperatures to be in the mid 70s and the humidity under 50%. Get a cheap indoor/outdoor hygrometer/thermometer from home depot, (about $15). Accurite is the brand I have and it works great and was cheap.

    The main thing is you've gotta set up a good environment for the plant. If you can know what you're doing and set it all up right the first time, then the growing part is easy.

    Also, light, you need lots of light.
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    You guys are something helpful. Thanks so far for the help you've given. Now as to my grow space, my partner has this garage set up. About roughly the size of your standard garage, again i don't have much of the numbers with me although I could recover them over the weekend no problem. But the area itself is a nice place, used to smoke out there a bit and it's really out of the way. really really out of the way.

    I will start a grow journal. And because i'm still fairly new to this whole thing how do i go about taking photos? Like I have a camera phone but i read some where before it's best not to do a direct upload from my phone or something like that...anyhow, just um hit me back. So far anything you've given has been very helpful so again, I thank you guys.

    also if you need to refer to me, Wolf is just fine. lol

    Also, we've got all the pieces to make a proper bubble bucket and cloning machine all the same. the DIY here proved to be stupid easy where only a dingbat would fuck that up. So as far as those two items go, I'm just waitin' till we gather the last of our growing supply (Which for what it's worth ain't much.)
  9. Hey Wolf, if you re-read post number 6, you'll see that I asked you several questions. You've answered only one and that one in a very vague manner.

    Your lighting depends on the square feet of canopy you expect to have. No one can tell you anything about your lighting without knowing that first. The canopy size depends on how tall you're growing your plants and how many plants you intend to grow.

    A proper grow needs some walls for reflective light. An open garage isn't a very good idea.

    I don't mean to sound as if I'm scolding you, but you need to start forming some real plans, not just "I wanna grow some pot".

    Please, sit down with your co-grower and figure out where you're going. Then come back with some real ideas like "I want to end up with 2 pounds of cured weed." "I"m going to use DWC Hydroponics." "I have a grow box built in my garage that is 4 feet by 6 feet with a 7 foot ceiling."

    Then we can all pitch in and get you up and running with a great chance at success.

    Plan, plan, plan. Don't rush into a half-assed grow. If you do, you'll end up spending more for a sack then if you just bought it on the street.

    Think about your ventilation also. Where is all the hot air from your lights going to go?
  10. Oh no, i read it. I didn't ignore you but i'm sure you'd grow tired of me saying the same thing over and over again, aka "I don't have it [measurements] here with me" or the ever so popular "I'm not sure yet but..." As far as things go, Hydro isn't my biggest concern, so much as just getting a feel for growing. As for what I'm growing from, I'm growing from seed. But good news, i'm headed down to my grow spot today so i can get all the necessary information.

    As for my plan...

    I'd like to do about 10 plants. And from each plant, I'd like to get about 3 oz (just as a start) I don't want anything too big or too small (though i don't know if that means much) Given I'm new to growing, I can't get to into the sciences of it all but my first harvest is just for smoking, where as if I'm lucky enough to make it past my first my second is when i'll get into the sciences of it all. But as it stands, my first grow is more of me and wanting to smoke. I can't really speak for my friend, but as far I go, I'm goin for the smoke.

    As for the garaged idea, it's neatly tucked away behind a set of houses. Granted ppl live there but no one ever really comes out there. But as for ventilation, it's good enough for the plants to breathe if not, there's always a few holes that can be made that won't actually damage the housing of the plants.

    Now granted, this probably doesn't sit with you guys as a suitable grow space, or even a decent plan but in truth...gotta start somewhere. For me, it's more about the lack of variety. I've smoked Kush and I've smoked Haze. I've smoked Sour D, i've smoked other various exotic bud and the truth of the matter is I just like haze better. Don't know why.

    I should have all the numbers by late sunday, early monday. So just hang tight, bare with me and thanks for the help you've given thus far.
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    If you run maximal efficiency, you can expect to see maybe 1 gram per watt of light. And that's very rare. hardly anyone actually yields that much, most people I think are in the 1/2 gram to maybe 3/4 gram per watt range.

    As far as ventilation, there are two goals, 1st, to ensure that temperatures don't get up into the 80's, and 2nd, to keep fresh air blowing over the plants to prevent mold mildew and all that. You're going to want to figure out how many cubic feet you're dealing with, and try and cycle all that air out at least 2 times a minute, (this is if you really want to grow man, it's a simple formula, it just might be a pain to set it all up first time around).

    If you're growing dwc, I'd do something like 6 bubble buckets in a scrog, maybe something w/ 2 screens where you can walk in between them, and run 1000 watts or so on each side. Also, invest in a small grow tent, or build a box so you can veg plants in one space, and flower them in another, decreasing the time between harvests and increasing your overall yield.

    Check out HTG supply or ebay and look for a couple of lights. You're also gonna wanna light proof the room cause the kinda light you're gonna need to grow that much weed is going to be real obvious if it's coming out of a crack in the door.

    You're gonna need a carbon filter, a big one. Get one that comes w/ a fan from HTG, maybe the 6 inch one, or if they have one bigger get that.

    Imma keep thinking about this. You're probably wanna run a big reservoir w/ those 6 buckets, so you don't have to change nutes every day.

    Fertilize w/ the lucas formula. Order gallons of the general hydroponics "micro" and "bloom". Use 8ml micro and 16ml bloom per gallon of water. After adding the nutes, adjust ph to 5.5-5.8 and you're good to go.

    Also get a PH meter, a digital one, and a kit w/ some PH up and down solutions.

    Also, a haze will typically take alot longer to flower than some other strains, because it's mostly sativa. Indica strains flower faster, and thus have a greater potential for yield because you can harvest more often. You're probably gonna want to look at some seeds. I'd start with feminized seeds and grow one or two plants out, clone them and start mother plants w/ the clones, then flower the 1st plant or two to get a feel for things, and so you can get started before you have to buy all the equipment to do the bigger grow. Plus, when you start the bigger grow, you'll have experience w/ your strain and know what it likes and doesn't.

    You can see lots and lots of strains at worldwide marijuana seeds, also known as the single seed centre. Google it! They ship discreetly to the US, and have a section that's all feminized seeds, (which means you don't waste time growing plants only to discover that they're male).
  12. Hey, sup, i've returned. So I spoke to my friend who says the garage is roughly 15x15. Not to big not to small. He said he needed to refer to his book just to be sure, but those where the numbers he threw at me. So let me know something if you guys can help me

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