First time indoor grow. CFL and LED

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  1. This is my first time growing. Im sure I could use advice. Ive done a lot of reading of different journals, so now Im trying my own.
    Im growing in a 2x4x6 small grow tent.
    Seeds are Karmarado from Karma Genetics. Growing in Roots Organic soil. 3 seeds under lights right now. Only a few days old but all have poped above the soil. I have 2 200w cfls over all 3 plants right now. Also have 1 300w mars hydro LED not currently hooked up. Will probably buy another LED light. As I learn what Im doing I will buy more equipment, lights etc.
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  2. One thing often under looked by new growers is controlling the growing environment. You will need some sort of extraction fan to remove stale warm air. Keep humidity and temps as close to ambient levels as possible.

    Also get a small osculating fan and allow it to blow right above the plants, not directly on them. This will improve air circulation in your grow space, as well as strengthen your plants.

    Keep a grow diary, record everything you do as clearly as you can. This will help you take note on what to improve, and can help you to identify what went wrong if any problems arise.

    Keep reading grow journals, there are plenty here on this site with good information. Fell free to even start one yourself.

    Best of luck
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  3. Also please try invest in some proper pots, my local hydro store sell them for next to nothing. You need your plants to grow in a light proof container, two of these definitely are not. Also I hope you added sufficient drainage holes into these or that will also cause problems. You can try wrap them in some black paper or something for the light issue.

    Also those cfls can be placed quite close to your plants. Just hold your hand under them, if you feel heat they're to low. If not they're fine. Id try lowering them a small bit to avoid your plants from getting to leggy
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  4. Yea the half ass pots are temporary. They have holes cut in them for drainage. I have 3 gallon fabric pots they will go in. Just didnt have solo cups for germination, so thats what i used.
  5. The pictures do make it seem like the lights are far away, but they are pretty close. The Led lights are about 24 inches away from the plants. The water i'm using is just tap water. PH is about 6 to 6.5 ( I'm using color strips not digital, so i'm not 100 percent ) No added nutrients. I have also been running a 24hr light cycle. Tomorrow I will start a normal 18/6 cycle for veg.
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  7. New home for the plants. moved into fabric pots. Can see more growth every day. Chuggin right along.
  8. Not looking bad man, but I would of kept them in smaller pots for a bit longer until they were almost out grown it. Not a big issue but plants will now concentrate a lot of their energy establishing a good root system, while growth above the soil can be seen as slow. But once the roots are well developed your plant will start growing much faster.
  9. 20170730_204209.jpg Pictures of Plant 1. Its about 2 weeks old now 20170730_204244.jpg
  10. So the plants are now showing signs of distress. Dry dead tips on some leaves, primarily the lower ones. Things i'm pretty sure attributed to this problem were overwatering, and incorrect ph at the soil. The water I had ph'd between 6 and 6.5 but now with my in soil ph meter, all three show 7 or more. Im hopeful I can correct this and not kill my plants. 20170803_212750.jpg This is plant #1 The oldest one. Its still groeing more each day but seems to have slowed down.
  11. Plant #2 is now bigger than plant #1
  12. 20170803_212843.jpg The dry leaves
  13. Ok. Its saturday. More pictures. Waiting for them to be thirsty So I can water and test runoff. My soil ph is way to high according to the probe. Plants still growin tho.
    Bad note. I left plant # 3 in its coffe bin instead of transplanting. Didnt have enough soil left to fill the third pot. #3 isnt happy 20170805_182345.jpg

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