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  1. :smoking::smoking:Hey all im starting this thred even if there are mor elike this one becouse im a first time grower and i can se how many secrets are in this 'job'' so i need to learn more and alsow i bet tehre are many more others like me so i will apreciate your help:smoking:
  2. I ahve untill now a 400W Mh lamp.. what do u think? i have orderd some femnised seeds(Big BuD)i hope there are god for first time grow,for soil i have potting soil,perlite,sand,and a organic fertilizer! i have decided to first grow in a closet untill the plants go bigger but i have a entire rhoom i can use...! any advicess
  3. b12 nutes
    dump that shit in hahaha
  4. I would be happy to do that but unfortunatly i live in this dumb as country and all the nuts and fertilizers i have found ehre are full with chemicals or there are very worried i will not be able to give my plants the ''food they need
  5. Order online maybe?
  6. Genius!
  7. I think the keys on your keyboard are marked wrong..

  8. do you guys know any web site where i could order the perfect nuts for the plants... and alsow what are the best nuts for the plants ?
  9. Fox Farm are my personal fav. I simply get the veg one and the flower one, they work wonders. Google it chowda

  10. one more questtion for u guys how long does exacly takes to get your plant from seeding to harvest...for my seeds it said 8-9 weeks but i think thats just the flowerin period no?
  11. Hey all ghuess what my seeds has sprouted they are abou one cm tall i have putt them under the 400W Mh lamp and the termometer is arouund 27 degree's Celsium is that ok? sombody told me i shouldnt putt them directly under the 400W lamp..what do u guys think?
  12. yeah mate start your seedlings bout foot to two foot below your lamp otherwise youll burn em to a crisp :smoke:
  13. i have about one meter between the lamp and the plants
  14. the plants are now in a closet ...and the closet is fiild with aluminum paper
  15. make sure it's not getting too hot in there! good luck
  16. thanks a lot i have put alsow a improvised fan cooling the closet and it's around 27 degrees celsium...
  17. Hey all:( unfortunatly my plants that was unders 5 cm tall had died today...and i dont know why the temepture was around 25 degree celsium and the colling fan was working but they still died...any ideeas? you think is becouse i have put them directly under the MH lamp?
  18. move the hud up a bit. seedlings cant take that intense light. i would say 8 - 10 inches above them. make sure you dont nute' em for at least 2 weeks as well.
  19. the MH lamp is 40 inches above the plants and im growing in a closet..the temperture was around 26 so it wassnt to hot...i have some new seeds on the it better if i wait for the plants to grow bigger before i put them under the MH lamp..or what should i do im afraid not to kill this ones to

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