First time in 4 months

Discussion in 'General' started by Greenville, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. Just ate half a brownie, wonder how it's gonna hit me. Haven't smoked since Nov. Haven't had edibles since may, not much but it should hit me good with zero tolerance.
  2. No one can know how it will hit you, lol; there are way too many factors. Unless it's a shitty brownie it should hit you pretty hard, especially with little to no tolerance.

    I had my first edible last week and it took almost 2 hours to hit me, but then it hit me pretty good. The next day I had an equivalent dosage of brownies, except drank mango juice with it and it hit a lot faster (30 minutes rather than 2 hours) and a LOT harder. It was awesome.

    Wrong forum, by the way :)
  3. I guess it could go in edibles, but my point isn't to discuss the brownies but rather that I'm getting high for the first time in 4 months.
  4. In for results.
  5. Didn't get high, but was in really good mood. Then I PASSED the FUCK out.
  6. lolwut
  7. I know right, shit just put me to sleep. My girlfriend has eaten a few and has stayed fucked up for a day now hahaha. I'll probably eat 2 tomorrow.
  8. Yeah bros,

    I ate a damn well made cookie in highschool... Shit had me BLAZED all day... Then when I got home, I couldn't move. I was literely stuck to my couch laughing watching white girls.

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