First time I smoked

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  1. So my first time smoking was pretty special. I got the honor of smoking some good green in a huge bong. You know the kind that sit on the floor with long ass necks. After my first few hits I felt the room spinning and my body felt so warm even to the touch . Things like lights and candles suddenly appeared very bright . I remember thinking that I was in another world filled with fairies and witches . I heard people speaking in very deep tones and very slowly. I knew they were my friends in the next room but they didn't sound like it . Then I remember hearing someone say "Taco Bell" . And before I could see where I was walking I walked straight into the wall screaming " I want tacos" and falling over . I kept laughing and saying tacos tacos tacos tacos . Needless to say I had good friends and made sure I had plenty of tacos . Little did I know that was the beginning of my stoner journey where I made lots of friends and learned the difference between an indica and sativa .
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  2. Sounds better than some stories I've heard, consisted of me walking out some bushes with my friends to see a sniffer dog and local pd with the dog, weren't there because of us just a coincidence...bad bad high
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  3. Haha love your bubbles pic :) and damn that sounds pretty scary I would have probably shit myself .

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