First time I ever got caught (Long :()

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  1. Alright, this happened back when I was a freshman in High School, 13 or 14, I don't remember how old freshman are(I'm 23 now, btw).

    So it was a Friday night, and I was out with a couple of buddies, we were chilling a couple blocks away from my house behind this abandon building, smoking a couple bowls and blowing off fireworks. 11pm rolls around and i'm pretty high and pretty tired, so I tell my friends i'm booking back to my house, so I start walking the 2 block trip.

    When I get home, my parents are out, and going to be for along time. I walk downstairs, like many a time before and I see my sister(she was 17 at the time) watching TV on the couch. When I get down there, shes looking straight into my eyes(she didn't know I smoked but had suspicions and is COMPLETELY against ALL drugs and cigarettes, and still is today) and I make eye contact with her for a few seconds and make my way to the computer. I load up counter-strike and play a few rounds, and I got tired of it and went to the bathroom. I reach into my pockets after I finish washing my hands and find about a dime bag in there so I decide i'm gonna act like i'm going to bed and smoke it in my room - BIG mistake.

    I get about 1 bowl in, and i'm even higher than before and my sister comes and knocks on my door, so i'm like "she smelt it, i'm fucked", but to my surprise she says, "i'm going to a friends house", so I was relieved and excited she was gonna be gone. This was also HUGE clue at what she was doing because i've never EVER seen her leave the house at 11:30 before, I should have been sketched out and stopped smoking right there, but I load another bowl. I take a hit, exhale, and I'm just listening to ESPN on the radio and hold my pipe in my hand for a second, and I got for my second hit, right? Wrong. When I turn the the window to take the hit, to my surprise my sister's head is in it and she says these exact words, i'll NEVER forget them, "Give it to me.". My heart froze, I've never been so fucking scared in my entire life, so for a second, I raise my hand to give the pipe to her but think to my self in about a quarter of a second that if I do this, my life is going to be drastically changed. so I reply, in a tough voice, "Give you what?" , she goes, "Michael, just fucking give it to me right now", almost yelling, I yell back, "Give you WHAT?" Now shes almost in tears, no one in my family has ever smoked bud and I can understand how it was hard for her.

    So I keep denying I have anything, so she calls up my little sister, also downstairs, and says, "Keep Michael in his room until I get inside". So my sister got out of the window and made her way inside. I've got my pipe in my pocket and I say, to my little sister "I'm going to the bathroom"(which is right across from my room), get in, hide my pipe in the bottom of a drawer with a bunch of my moms/sisters shit, get on the toilet as if i'm taking a shit, and unlock the door so it doesn't look like i'm trying to hide something.

    She runs in, checks my room for it, doesn't find it, checks the bathroom and even looks in the drawer I hid it in, but doesn't find it. Now both my sisters are crying and she calls my uncle up who was in rehab about 5 years ago for bud/coke, and tells him 'Michael is acting really weird". Her biggest mistake. Me and my uncle are extremely close and we talk about this stuff all the time, but he doesn't know I smoke.

    So he arrives, comes in, they look alittle more, and he says, "Were going for a walk Michael", so we walk around the block and I know he's not gonna be mad, first words out of his mouth are, "Jesus Christ, I thought you OD'd on heroine or some shit", and he asks me what I was smoking and I say a cigarette, he's relieved, but I don't think he buys it. We arrive back at the house, and asks to see the but of the cigarette(lucky me, i've smoked cigs back there before and found one and showed to him. I'm practically off the hook. He explains to my sisters how it isn't that big of a deal, and they all believe I was having a cig and he explains i'm an fucking idiot for doing it but it's my choice. My parents found got home about an hour later, and they never found out.

    Props to anyone who reads this, but looking back on it, and how i was raising my arm to give her the pipe, but put it back down, I wonder how different my life would be right now had I given it to her, my parents probably would have sent me to rehab and given my constant DTs. Unfortanetly, I became a fireman and we get random piss tests throughout the year, and I haven't smoked in about 2 years.

    Just thought it was a good story, keep smokin boys!
  2. Holy shit, Your uncle is one chill dude.
  3. Yeah, I've always been really close to him and we used to always share our stories about doing drugs, he eventually found out I smoked bud and was extremely cool about it. He was smiling when he found out, asked me what I smoked out of and how many times I smoked, just a really nice guy that gets along with everyone.
  4. Your family cries over smoking weed. And your sister snitches on you? All I got to say to that is WTF.:eek:
  5. Except for your dad, the rest of them sound pretty ignorant.
  6. I know, during the whole ordeal, I was trying so hard to keep a straight face, because I was high as fuck and just wanted to start laughing at them for crying over something as unimportant as smoking a little ganja.
  7. sounds like my family

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