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    Hola fellow tokers. I am a new grower just for personal use... I have 2 tents, 1 2x4x5 for veg and a 4x4x7 for flower. I have a California light works solar flare led light using 1/4 nutes of canna products in 5 gal buckets. Please excuse any sort of ignorance as this is my first time growing anything including facial hair.. Lol.

    Down to the issue... (Btw I'm using northern lights and blue mystic from nirvana)
    Currently I'm about 65 days into my grow and I am LOST! These were supposed to be autos, but I'm finding that they are taking waaaaay to long to get flowers on them. The plant is about 2 ft tall several bud sites, just seems to be growing very slowly! If anyone can help me figure out what I'm doing wrong or what needs to be adjusted I would greatly appreciate your input
  2. Might help if you show some pictures
  3. Thanks bud, I just uploaded the thread again... With pix.. Sorry again this is my first time at a lot of things community forums is one of those things too
  4. Hey bud I just uploaded the new thread, I hope that helps

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