First Time Hydro Grow

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    Indoor closet grow.

    Not quite sure of lighting schedules to use throughout life and other specific details.

    Ideally 1-2 plants of "Eight Miles High" seeds purchased from Mandala seed bank.

    Using a 400 w HPS bulb with reflector and also reflective material all around the walls. Dense blankets behind the reflective material to keep in temp/light

    Any little things that usually cause failure throughout growth would be appreciated if you have tried closet grows before.
    (water problems / heat / moisture / etc)

  2. watch your temps and ventilate that bitch. read. read A LOT of hydro forum material, you wont regret it. i knew barely anything about hdro and im only 2 weeks in doing great. this may help sterr yo a little. but other than that sounds good bro get some pics up yeah?

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