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First time hydro grow DWC

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by Streetdoc53, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. This is my first time grow with hydroponics, did alot of outdoor growing some years back and now getting back into the swing of things. I've read alot of material on hydroponics, visited different forums and really liked this one. So, here is what I have: 5 gal DWC, using 240w and 90w LED 6 brand, Advanced nutrients-Jungle Juice-grow-micro-bloom. Growing autoflower-Bublelicious, short ryder and Northern Light.

    Plan on germinating my seeds this week- end, the questions I have is, using rockwool to germinate, I know I have to soak it in 5.5ph water to get it neutral, do I also soak in nutrients before I put the seed in or do I wait until I get 3 sets of leaves to give nutes? I know I have to water it from the top to keep the medium moist, just don't know for sure when to add the nutes??

    Would appreciate any help!:smoke:

  2. Hey check out the first page of my journal for a great way to start seeds.. Let me know if you have questions..
  3. Thanks teSmp, I appreciate the info. very nice buds and plants, think I'll try it your way!
  4. [quote name='"Streetdoc53"']Thanks teSmp, I appreciate the info. very nice buds and plants, think I'll try it your way![/quote]

    Thank you and you won't be disappointed! It's pretty much a gaurentees way to get a healthy plant going, which can be hard for people just getting started.. Rpckwools tricky and can be to wet. The rapid rooter puts out some amazing roots in just about a week it will be full of them. Happy roots = happy plant!
  5. I never really liked rockwool for starting seeds either. It was always very hit-or-miss for me.

    I've been using Root Shooters, pretty similar to what teSmp is using, and I think they're awesome. It's probably a matter of personal preference, but I think the Root Shooters are a bit better made. Just my 2c.

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