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First time, how can I make this situation work?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by B7o7r7, Oct 15, 2014.

  1. So, I'm smoking weed for the first time tomorrow alongside two friends. My friend's prepared 3 joints for us.
    1- The place: we couldn't find anywhere indoors so we decided we're gonna take the entire second floor of a coffee shop that allows smoking. I've heard public places are the worst for smoking weed but I don't have many options.
    2- parents: I have a 6-10 window for getting high. I don't want my parents to know. Can I control myself? How much can we smoke?
  2. I forgot to add, the second floor is empty except for us.
  3. if it allows smoking and no one is there go for it :smoking:
  4. Well, smoking cigarettes that is :)
  5. OP I don't care how and where and when you do it. I wanna how how it affected you. Seems that MJ is becoming extremely popular today, but there is a certain percentage of smokers that freak out on it and should not smoke it. Yet they try again and again and again out of sheer peer pressure.
  6. Sounds like a good plan.  You should be ok from the second floor, as its outside and non on the ground level.  Since its your first time, if you have really good buds or hash I would just smoke one joint and see how you feel.  That one joint might get you too stoned.
  7. It's hard to picture your coffee shop situation, but whatever works as long as you don't get in trouble.
    As far as running into your parents afterwards you should hopefully be fine, just take the energy from deep inside yourself and try your best to act normal, haha :p
    If you have a couple buddies and 3 joints you should be all set. Since it's your first time I wouldn't recommend any more than that personally. When I first started smoking a couple tokes off of one joint was all I needed, it was awesome.. oh how I miss those days.
    Best of luck, and most importantly make sure to have fun with it!  :smoking:
  8. if it's your first time whip up a home made bong bro, it won't hurt as much when you inhale so you'll cough less

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  9. 1. If you're going in a public place, go to a park or something and do it behind some bushes or trees.
    2. It won't last any longer than 3 hours, but while you're high, you may not able to act "normal." If you smoke one joint each, that is probably enough.
  10. share a joint and save 2 for another day.
    Relax and enjoy!

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