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First time, how can I make this situation work?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by B7o7r7, Oct 15, 2014.

  1. So, I'm smoking weed for the first time tomorrow alongside two friends. My friend's prepared 3 joints for us.
    1- The place: we couldn't find anywhere indoors so we decided we're gonna take the entire second floor of a coffee shop that allows smoking. I've heard public places are the worst for smoking weed but I don't have many options.
    2- parents: I have a 6-10 window for getting high. I don't want my parents to know. Can I control myself? Tips?
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    you can just walk down the street. Just dont pass it when a car passes. if someone walks past you gotta hold the smoke for a long time
  3. Don't smoke inside a coffee shop bad idea it'll reek and the smell will travel. Why do you need to smoke indoors? As for your parents knowing you should be sober but we can't tell if you can keep it together cause we've never smoked with you.

    Cologne and eye drops are always handy for covering smell and look though.

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  4. eyes drops, spoof (check YouTube on a how to) or buy some Ozuim , gum or mints and you should be good.
  5. Just smoke outside lol, go into your backyard and smoke if it's your first time you won't need 3 joints.

    ->I smoke weed<-
  6. Do not smoke inside a public place dude lmao walk around or go to the park or a backyard. Carry mint gum and cologne and eye drops :)

    Stay tokin
    Stay smokin
  7. Don't worry too much, if you get too paranoid you won't enjoy it. Don't smoke in a public building, the place will reek and you'll likely be kicked out or have the police called on you. Personally being high around people is easy for me, but others say otherwise. Just act casual and like others said, gum and eyedrops should make it not noticeable 
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    If it's your first time you probably won't even get high

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  9. Just go to bed at 10 before your parents get home, and if they question, just say you're extremely exhausted.

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